[Photos] Jonghyun’s Middle School Graduation Photo has been revealed and many more!

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Adding Jonghyun’s Graduation School Photo, we now have the complete set of CNBLUE Graduation Photos! Can you spot at the picture below who is who?

Top-Left: Jung Yonghwa, Top-right: Lee Jonghyun, Bottom-Left, Kang Minhyuk, Bottom-Right: Lee Jung Shin. Jungshin looks chubby when he was young, how come he grow up to be so slim?

Many have said that the above graduation photos was taken during their middle school. According to saturn.@soompi, Yonghwa graduated 2004 while the rest are 2006. But a blogger from naver mentioned that Jonghyun’s graduation photo was taken during highschool. I guess we still need to clarify this information given.

Here are bonus pre-debut pictures of CNBLUE.

Yonghwa in highschool?

Jonghyun during midschool days?

Jonghyun with Judo Team players of Song Do middle School, Pusan. Spot Jonghyun, he’s the 4th player from the left. According to saturn.@soompi, Jonghyun as a judo player won gold medalist at Pusan city championship.  Amazing!

Minhyuk is so handsome even when he was young. Was this taken during middle school or high school?

Our baby Jungshin!

Tada! Jungshin’s photo in what? The above picture makes me fall in love with him 100x more!

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Thanks to klaritia and saturn.@soompi for sharing!
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