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Another highlight of this concert or any other concert for that matter, was the gathering of the fans. It’s a moment where we get to meet our fellow fans in person who we only get to interact online or via mobile before the concert. In my case, I was really overwhelmed and touched… even to the point of crying in front of other boices in a public area. *.* I received so much gifts, support and love from my fellow boices, foreign or local. I can’t help but be teary-eyed. It was a tiring day for most admins running a fansite, fanbase or fanclub. We hardly had any sleep for a week, no proper meal or even enough to drink. It was a hot day. LOL! But, a very memorable ONE! I got to meet a lot of Boices… you know who you are. It’s a pity we can’t spend more time together. Hopefully we get to see each other again… SOON. ^^

~Lyna, Philippines2013.06.15 Blue Moon Philippines   (10)

2013.06.15 Blue Moon Philippines   (64)

Below are the reviews or comments from Boices outside Philippines:

こ んにちは。LYNA。私は日本のBOICEのCHIHARUです。私が今、思うことは、ソウルコンサートと同じくらい、このマニラでのコンサートが楽し かったということです。マニラのBOICEのキラキラした笑顔と温かい歓迎を私は忘れることができないでしょう。暑さに慣れない私たちのためにアイスコー ヒーを無料で提供してくれたことを、わたしはあなたに本当に感謝しています。そして素敵なTシャツやグッズを作って、ファンたちがとても楽しんでいるよう に見えました。 そして、コンサートでの大きな歓声はとても印象的でした。フィリピンのファンの幸せな気分を私は肌で感じました。コンサートの雰囲気は本当に素晴らしかっ たです。熱狂的で力強い応援と歓声に、私は感動しました。どれほど長い間、フィリピンのファンが、彼らのコンサートを待ち望んでいたことか!!!!!!笑 顔と活気に満ちあふれたフィリピンのファン、そして青くて美しい海と空を、私は忘れることができません。私は、またフィリピンに行って、あなたたちととも に、コンサートを楽しみたいと思っています。この素敵な出会いを感謝しています。私のシンガポールの友人JUNE、ありがとう!!!CNBLUEのおかげ で、このように海外のファンと繋がることができて私は幸せです。ありがとう!!!

Hello, Lyna. I’m a Japanese Boice, Chiharu.

What is in my mind right now is that I had as much fun in this Manila concert as I had during Seoul concert. I will never forget the beaming smiles of Boices in Manila. They warmly welcomed us. For us who were not used to the hot weather, you served iced coffee for free. I really appreciated that.

You Boice in Manila made nice tee shirts and stuff, and you seemed to enjoy yourselves a lot. I was also impressed by the big cheers at the concert. I really felt the happiness of Philippine Boices. That atmosphere at the concert was so great and I was moved by the passionate, strong support and cheers. How long were you Philippine Boice waiting for their concert???!!!!!!!

I cannot forget Philippine Boices who are full of smiles and passion, and the ocean and the sky there that were so beautiful in blue. I hope to visit Philippines again to enjoy their concert with you guys. It’s nice meeting you, thank you. Thanks to my Singapore friend, June!!! I’m happy to be connected to oversea fans like this, thanks to CNBLUE. Thank you!!!

~ Chiharu, Japan (Translated by @happytmg)

Yonghwa being charismatic as he is always..

Yonghwa being charismatic as he is always..

Blue moon in Manila – Amazing especially the screaming and shouting from the fans. During I Am A Loner, Yong Hwa had a problem with his guitar and with his quick response, he took out the mic and continued singing.  The fans liked his dances and closer interaction with fans at the side stages. Also, through this concert, fans from different countries got to meet and party together just like us. It’s strengthened the friendship and the bonds of boices.

~ June Li, Singapore

I can’t say it enough. I had a blast! Thanks CNBLUE for a great concert in PH. This is a band you have to see live to appreciate.

~ Fatimah Zubir, Malaysia

It was really a great concert. They were interactive with the audience.

~ CebuNuna, Korea

I really had fun with concert. The Big Dome at Araneta Coloseum is quite smaller than Arena Hall in Thailand. But I had goosebumps when PHBoice was screaming & singing loudly!!! Small place but you have big love for them. I think the Boys really had fun, much fun! It’s surely because the audience was fun too. Lighting & effect was great. Screen also was great, it’s much clear. Last, I really thank many PHBoice who helped us with everything. Keep in touch!

~ @iammanus, Thailand

Jonghyun interacting with fans... ^^

Jonghyun interacting with fans… ^^


I’m Anisa, Boice from Indonesia who watched Blue Moon Philippine concert with one of cnblue4ina’s admin, Devi.

Before the concert started, many BOICE already came to the venue. There were a lot of projects from various CNBLUE fanbase like giving away some stuff, including cnblue4ina of course. Cnblue4ina project was to giveaway Yonghwa birthday cards and birthday bears.

I met some people whom I knew only from social media before, such as @cebununa, @yongsarang, and many more. Meeting them in person was a great opportunity for me since they’ve put in a lot of effort and love for CNBLUE.

Devi and I met them in front of a coffee shop (ow, just like CNBLUE’s song), and we planned to do our project there. But the place was too crowded, so we decided to move to a less crowded space, in front of red gate. We gave away some Yonghwa birthday bears to lucky BOICES and shared the happiness with them. There’s a funny story when we were giving away the bears. We were asked by the security officer not to sell anything in that area and we replied that we were not selling it; we were just giving it free to our friends.

At 6PM we started to queue to go inside the venue and it did not take a long time. All of the tickets were seated number so we didn’t need to queue for hours before to get a really good position.

Unfortunately, Devi and I had separate seat, mine is Patron 103 and hers is Patron 106. My seat was right in front of Jonghyun area in row 5, WOW! In every seat there were a paper birthday hat and a banner in Hangeul saying: “1248 days after I’m Loner”. The hat should be used in encore part and the banner should be raised in I’m Loner song.

Since I was alone, I chatted with some people around me; most of them are Philippine BOICE and they were surprised when they found out that I’m an Indonesian BOICE. I was so happy to meet new friends with same identity: BOICE!

An MC came out to announce the winner of lucky draw. If you bought official Blue Moon merchandise, you could join the lucky draw. The prize was trip to South Korea sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization Manila. Daebak!

CNBLUE appeared on the stage with opening song “Where You Are”. The audience were screaming, jumping, dancing, and singing together. After 3 songs, CNBLUE greeted the audience and introduced themselves using English and Tagalog languages. Then, they continued to sing more songs from their latest album “Naran Namja” & “Coffee Shop”. They were very interactive with the audience, asked some questions and asked us to repeat what they sang or said. They talked about what they like from Philippines.

After they made us jump with their rock songs, they sang “slow-love-songs” (that’s what Yonghwa call it), such as “Love Light” & “Feeling”. Then, they changed our mood again with “dark-sexy-metal songs”, and “The Dancing King” Yonghwa was in action. When I’m A Loner was sang, we raised the banner, as panned.

After 1.5 hour, they went to the backstage to get ready for Encore part. We used the hat to celebrate Yonghwa’s birthday. I didn’t hear “Encore..Encore..” screaming like in the other concert, maybe because we were too busy preparing the birthday celebration.

They came back again to the stage, Yonghwa at this point should be aware that we were wearing birthday hats. After one song ended, Minhyuk started to speak in Tagalog language, followed by Jungshin and Jonghyun. Then, we sang “Happy Birthday” song for Yonghwa. Yonghwa asked what they were talking about before and Jungshin translated it. That’s how we celebrated our leader Yonghwa’s birthday.

The concert ended successfully. Overall I really enjoyed the concert. CNBLUE was very attractive, cheerful, and interactive. The stage and lighting was awesome. The venue was comfortable. Philippine BOICES were great and friendly.

~ Anisa, Indonesia

Jungshin passionately singing... Rare shot it is.

Jungshin passionately singing… Rare shot it is.

Below are the reviews or comments from Boices in Philippines:

Nasa lowerbox 213 row 1 seat 1 ako nakaupo. Ang di ko makalimutan na moment sa CNBLUE BLUEMOON CONCERT 2013 LIVE IN PHILIPPINES ay nong nagninja moves ako at tumakbo sa VIP section malapit sa ramps during ending nong nagbow na sila (CNBLUE). Dahil nga halos abot kamay ko na sila at pinipilit ko silang mahawakan, di ko namalayan kamuntik na pala akong mahulog pero go parin ng go para sa CNBLUE. 🙂 MAHULOG NA KUNG MAHULOG 🙂 yon lang. THANK YOU 🙂


We were seated at lowerbox 213 row 1 seat 1. The unforgettable moment during the CNBLUE BLUEMOON CONCERT 2013 LIVE IN PHILIPPINES was when I did the ninja moves and ran to the VIP section near the ramps during ending when CNBLUE made their bows. They were within my reach and I’ve been trying to get a hold of them; I almost fell…but I still did not mind all I wanted to do was to at least be closer to. That’s all. Thank you.

 ~ Mary Luz Balabat (Lugait, Misamis Oriental)

Well if you’re going to ask me, what part of the concert is the most entertaining or unforgettable for you? I followed almost all of their stops and concert to different countries and some reviews mention a lot of highlights in the show but for me ang highlight ng Bluemoon in Manila is the whole show itself. As we all know 3 years natin silang inantay and to hear and see them perform live is really an insane experience. Nakakawala tlga sila ng katinuan at nakakaligalig ang cnblue haha. It’s really like living your blue dream. Start pa lang ng concert at 1st song plng nila. I can’t help but to stand up and slam as hard as I can coz it’s really rocking. grabeh ang galing galing nilang lhat!! kumbaga sa tagalog word sobrang AZTIG ng performance nila!!! hnd ako nagkamali ng inidolong korean BAND. Syempre hnd ko makakalimutan ung pagkakamali at kulit ni yong. yung lechon , ngayong sabado ni minhyuk, daebak, kulit at daldal din ni jungshin at sabay-sabay at jongassm in manila ni jonghyun.. nung matatapos na ung concert me and my friend were shouting jebal tteonagajima kung pwede lng wag ng matapos ung moment na un.. para saken sobrang hnd nako makaka move on at hinding hnd ko na makakalimutan ang Bluemoon in Manila.. Can’t wait sa concert part 2 na may ksma ng meet ang greet!! 🙂


Well if you’re going to ask me, what part of the concert is the most entertaining or unforgettable for me? I followed almost all of their stops and concerts in different countries and some reviews mentioned a lot of highlights in the show. But for me, the highlight in Bluemoon in Manila was the whole show itself. As we all know we’ve been waiting for them for 3 years and to hear and see them perform live is really an insane experience. They can really make us lose sanity and give goosebumps haha. It’s really like living your blue dream. During the start of the concert and at their 1st song, I can’t help but stand up and slam as hard as I can coz it’s really rocking. They are so good!  In Tagalog their performance is AZTIG.  I didn’t make a mistake of idolizing them. I could not forget Yong’s mistakes and cuteness, the lechon, “ngayong sabado” (This Saturday) of Minhyuk, daebak, Jungshin is also dorky and talkative, and “Sabay Sabay” (let’s do it together) and jongassm in Manila of Jonghyun.. When the concert ended, my friend and I were shouting jebal tteonagajima (Please don’t go) I wished that moment won’t end.. For me, I won’t be able to move and forget Bluemoon in Manila.. Can’t wait for concert part 2 with meet and greet!! 🙂

~ Jenny Dumandan (Manila)

A very delicious shot of Minhyuk... hehehe... perfect timing.

A very delicious shot of Minhyuk… parang Lechon.. nagugutom na ako.

The most memorable for me was when Min Hyuk Oppa said, “NAGUGUTOM NA AKO” (I am hungry).  And I thought, we really are meant to be (He’s my bias,BTW.) 🙂 hehehe! I actually screamed that I’ll even buy him Lechon and will cook for him 🙂 I hope, he is well and that C.N. BLUE will come back sooner rather than later 🙂


~ Adrienne Joy A. Orapa (Parañaque City)

Everyone might dislike ending but for me it’s my most unforgettable moment in the concert where they take the time to bow for the audiences. Because that the time Minhyuk (my super bias) glanced at the side (UA316) where few people went just to have a closer look at them. I took a photo of them and Minhyuk was looking at my camera, he’s looking at me since I’m the one holding the camera (a little bit insane to think that he looked at me but I just love to think of it that way). 🙂

~ Wendy Sandoval (Quezon City)

Being there from beginning till the end, the whole concert itself is already unforgettable. Seeing the blue boys and watching them perform live is a memorable experience of a lifetime..

~ Mariel Cobarrubias (Nueva Ecija)

The ever passionate emotional leader... we can feel his sincerity.

The ever passionate emotional leader… we can feel his sincerity.

Blue Moon in Manila was my first ever concert experience, and CNBLUE made it all the more special. They sound sooo good, I swear, and until now it still feels surreal that I’ve seen them perform live. It was overwhelming and amazing, and all the good stuff in between.

~ Ariane Joy Ducut (Davao City)

Seeing the boys perform live was already unforgettable but Yong Hwa dancing topped it all! Always put a smile on my face 🙂

~Vicky (Bacolod)

CNBLUE Blue Moon Concert is a blast! This is my first concert experience and I can say that it is really DAEBAK! The boys, they really enjoyed performing in front of their Filipino fans. Blue Moon experience is really something that every Boice can’t forget.

~ Charisse Santos (San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan)

Hi, the most unforgettable and memorable  moment for me is seeing Lee Jong Hyun right in front of me, watching his every move – his first head bang while playing his guitar and listening to his voice in a live performance for the FIRST time 🙂

~ Ginalen Mangampo (Manila)

speechless... you may give your own caption.

speechless… you may give your own caption.

Jong Hyun’s “Sabay sabay!” was so adorable. I love how Yong Hwa thanked Filipino Boices before the last song for coming to their concert and for our appreciation for CNBLUE. *yay! so kilig!* Min Hyuk and Jung Shin, who was so hyper, were so cute in speaking Tagalog! The four are so gwapo!!! (All four of them are so handsome!!!) Seeing them perform live, the whole concert was unforgettable and fantastic!

~ Kim Baptista (Ilocos Norte)

3 unforgettable things for me actually:

(1) The way they tried to speak Tagalog to communicate with Filipino fans.

(2) YongHwa’s unending laughter at his own mistake (Singapore).

(3) Jungshin’s DAEBAK when Filipino Boices actually understood his Korean.

~ Royce Ann A. Lascano (Kingfisher Park, Malbato, Coron, Palawan)

Best things happened? Everything was so great I can’t even imagine everything happened just in front of me. But here’s top among my endless list:

~~LEE JongHyun. When did he learn all those fan service? His interaction with the fans was just so great that people screaming every time the camera focused on him.
~~ CNBLUE speaking my own language was the greatest. I felt closer with them because of that. It felt like there was no language barrier between us. Aside from that, they used their music as way of communicating with their fans.
~~ Yonghwa’s mistake. He was so humble admitting his mistakes and made up for it after by saying I love You Philippines/Manila for a million times ^^

~ Roselyn Ladiero (Manila)

Jungshin... spectating...

Jungshin… spectating…

Awesome performance from CNBLUE, really loud and high-spirited cheers from Filipino and International Boices, and very awesome stage design and lighting effects from the production made my first concert experience very unforgettable. It’s so wonderful that no words can describe my feelings up until now. CNBLUE will really never forget their first concert here.\../

~ Ellen Armillo (Cainta, Rizal)

Meeting new friends and seeing my dream man (Yonghwa) 🙂 I waited for almost 3 years and this is really unforgettable 🙂

~ Cecile Banaag (Las Pinas City)

The most unforgettable part would be Yonghwa’s cute mistake. Because of that, he kept on saying I love Philippine (yes without the s lol) even after the concert over twitter. For sure, CNBLUE will never forget us and will continue to love us ^^

~ Ezrah Soriano (Makati)

2013.06.15 Blue Moon Philippines   (6)

Photos taken by Rowena Antonio
Tagalog to English Translations provided by Lyna@cnbluestorm.com
Reviews edited by Rowena Antonio

Thanks so much for the pictures and helping me with this post Ate Weng. Thanks to all those who submitted their reviews too. ~L