[Event Support] 1BOND (1Boice Online Nosh-up Dates)

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Hello Boices!

On February 24, 2014 CNBLUE will release their 5th mini album entitled “Can’t Stop” and on March 12, 2014 will be CNBLUESTORM’s 5th Anniversary. We would like to show our love to CNBLUE and to those who supported CNBLUE through CNBLUESTORM for 5 years with some fun activities.

CNBLUESTORM proudly presents the 2nd 1Boice Online Nosh-up Date or 1BOND (read as One Bond or One Bee Ow En Dee) with the theme “Can’t Stop Loving CNBLUE… Da Juk Ja!

Do you remember, we had the 1st 1Boice Online Nosh-up Date when we celebrated our 100th Anniversary as Boice with the support of YesAsia and YesStyle? The title of the event has a deeper meaning. 1Boice read as One Voice signifies unison which means unity or harmony. Online means electronically connected to the Internet. Nosh-up is a slang word for feast, festival or blowout. Date may refer to as day as well as meeting. Thus, the title 1BOND means connecting and uniting all CNBLUE fans to commemorate online.

 To celebrate these events, we would like to ask for your support on the online activities we are planning. They are as follows:

Activity #1 – Trivia for Twitter Trending Topic or T4T3 (read as Tate or Tee For Tee Three). A trivia will be posted daily starting February 24, 2014 up to March 12, 2014. The first participant who is able to mention @CNBStorm with the correct answer will be re-tweeted to recognize the participant as the day’s winner. The trivia will be released at any given time. Only one winner will be selected per trivia per day with an expected total of 17 winners. We plan to giveaway CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop” album as the prize.

 Activity #2 – CNBLUE Can’t Stop Album Support Event. Those who purchased CNBLUE “Can’t Stop” album will have a chance to win a prize.

Activity #3 – Donate an amount for CNBLUE School.

We would like to ask if you can help us in making our activities successful. Contributions will be much appreciated. You may send your contributions via Western Union, Bank Transfer, and PayPal.

For Western Union and Bank Transfer, please send an email to bf.boice@yahoo.com

For PayPal, please address your donation to cnbluestorm@yahoo.com

Please notify us by sending us an email of your proof of contribution (receipt’s scan/photo), and your full name / alias to bf.boice@yahoo.com

DEADLINE: March 11, 2014

The prizes will depend on how much funds we can generate. In the event, we have excess funds from contributions, it will be donated for CNBLUE School.

Our aim is to promote CNBLUE and show our love for the boys by sharing their albums and spreading their awesomeness around the globe!

Please note that the success of these activities depends on your support. We hope that you will support our cause and we anticipate your favorable response. Thank you very much.

This project / event is spearheaded and managed by Lyna. For any feedback, questions, or suffestions, please contact her via cnbluestorm@yahoo.com


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