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Hello Beautiful BOICE,

Here is one of the most important posts you will ever read, or at least for now it is! As you all know CNBLUE is about to comeback with their 5th Korean mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ which is dropping on February 25th 2014! YES IN THREE DAYS!! This informational post is chock full of all you need to know to get CNBLUE the most SNS Points this comeback! In case you aren’t aware, the 4 major music shows listed below rate the artists during comeback for the amount of fan support they get so that’s how the Idol groups that win at the end of the shows win the most points! The points are counted from all the tweets we send that use the correct hashtags and several other ways. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS UP AHEAD!



Music Show Information (KST = Korean Standard Time)

·MBC Show Champion (Wednesday 6:00PM KST)

o50% Digital chart (sales + stream)

o20% Physical sales (Hanteo)

o15% online voting (Melon ID)

o15% Music industrial professionals

·Mnet Countdown (Thursday 6:00PM KST)

o50% Digital Single Sales (Melon, Soribada, BUGS, Mnet)

o10% Album sales (Hanteo)

o5% Global Fan vote (using Mnet ID)

o20% Age preference

o10% Live show preference

o5% Live SMS voting (for top 2 artists only)

·KBS Music Bank (Friday 6:10PM KST)

o65% Digital Chart (stream & download: Melon, Soribada, BUGS)

o5% Album sales (Hanteo)

o20% Broadcast time (on KBS only)

o10% Viewer favorite

·MBC Show! Music Core (Saturday 3:50PM KST)

o70% Physical and Digital Sales

o10% Music video views (Melon, BUGS, Mnet, not sure if youtube counts)

o10% Committee vote

o10% Live SMS voting (1st place nominees only)

·SBS Inkigayo (Sunday 3:50PM KST)

o60% Digital Sales (Gaon digital chart)

o35% SNS points (Gaon Social chart)

o5% Advance Viewer Vote (Using M&TV Talk)

o10% Live SMS vote (for top 3 artists only)

Buying a physical album

§If you plan on buying a physical album, please make sure it will contribute to the Hanteo chart. (Sales from YesAsia, KpopTown, DVDHeaven, Kpopmart, Synnara will be counted toward Hanteo chart)

§Hanteo chart is the biggest physical album sales chart in South Korea. It monitors daily, weekly, and monthly. It also helps to determine winners on Korean music shows such as Mnet Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, MBC Show Champion)

§Gaon chart collects both online (digital) & offline (physical) sales for a yearly sales report

Digital Sales & Streaming (MNet, MelOn, Soribada, BUGS, Olleh, etc)

§Contributes large portion of the score on all music show scores.

§It’s hard for International BOICE to help here as most online digital sale/stream sites need a Korean credit card.

§NOTE: ITunes purchase does not count toward any digital sale charts in Korea BUT it will help CNBLUE get recognized internationally.

§However Soribada is one of the Korean online music sites that International users can purchase a digital single and have it count toward the digital charts. The site is in English. Payment is through Paypal.

Online Voting

§Mnet Countdown (this is probably the easiest for International BOICE)

oOnline Votes contribute to 5% of the score

o(I’m not sure if CNBLUE will promote Can’t Stop on Mnet Countdown)

oGo the Mnet global site (mwave.interest.me) to create an ID. You can navigate the site using English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese)

oYou can vote once a day starting from Friday 11AM Korean Standard Time to Monday 9AM Korean Standard Time)

oYou can use your global ID to vote one more time on the Mnet Korea website, but you will have to figure out how to navigate the site in Korean.

oOne IP address will accommodate up to 10 accounts.

§MBC Show Champion

oOnline voting contributes to 15% of the score

oDifficult for International BOICE but try if you want.

oWill have to navigate the site in Korean to get Melon ID and to vote.

oThere are online tutorials on how to get a Melon ID and how to vote

§SBS Inkigayo

oYou may vote using their mobile app: M&TV Talk (엠앤TV)

oThis is difficult for international BOICE but try if you want.

oYou will have to change your phone language to Korean

oThere are online tutorials on how to download app and vote.

SNS Points

§SBS Inkigayo started to use SNS points into their score (SNS = 35% of total score)

§SNS points are provided by the Gaon Social Chart.

§SNS points may also count toward other Korean music charts

§SNS has 4 components: Youtube (40%), Twitter (25%), Facebook (15%), Me2day(20%)

oYoutube: Views, Like, Comment

§Watch on CNBLUE official youtube channel

§Watch video in full (no pause/no forward), not on mute

oTweet: #씨엔블루, #CantStop, #CNBLUE, #캔트스톱

§Don’t spam with hashtags or over-tag a Tweet. Use no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet. According to >> https://support.twitter.com/articles/49309%20#

§twitter account must be publicized

oTwitter: Retweet, Mention, Search

§Retweet from all tweets from CNBLUE official twitter accounts

§Search for 씨엔블루, CantStop, CNBLUE, 캔트스톱 on twitter

§Participate in all fanbase trending activities

oFacebook: Like, comment, share on all posts on CNBLUE facebook page

oYou may also get an account on Gaon Social Chart website, and watch CNBLUE Can’t Stop MV on Gaon website to get SNS points

Live Voting Information (Hard for international BOICE but try if you can)

All voting must be done during music show live broadcast

Votes before or after the voting period will not count


Use Korean Language name 씨엔블루

82 is Korean country code

International SMS charges will apply unless you find/choose a free option

Online: there are websites that provide free international SMS services

There are also free international SMS apps for mobile phones

a)Mnet Countdown (Thursday 6:00PM KST)

If CNBLUE is in top 2 artists

Votes must be during the voting frame that show hosts give to viewers

Send 씨엔블루 to +822566 or 00822566

b)MBC Show! Music Core (Saturday 3:50PM KST)

If CNBLUE is a 1st place nominee

You must vote for 2 artists.

You must separate the 2 names with a comma but no space (example 씨엔블루,other artist name)

Send 씨엔블루,artist korean name to + 820505 or 00820505

c)SBS Inkigayo (Sunday 4:10PM KST)

If CNBLUE is in top 3

Send씨엔블루 to +821245 or 00821245

Public Interest

§Not sure if this actually counts for anything but it won’t hurt if you want to try

§Search for CNBLUE, 씨엔블루, CNBLUE Can’t Stop, 씨엔블루 Can’t Stop, 씨엔블루캔트스톱 on following websites








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