[News] Kim Woo Bin talks about getting serenaded by Lee Jonghyun + other celebrities compliment #CNBLUE

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CNBLUE’s Jonghyun recently expressed his desire to work with Kim Woo Bin again after they both starred in the hit drama ‘Gentleman’s Class’. It looks like the feelings are mutual as Kim Woo Bin talked about falling for Jonghyun after being serenaded.

CNBLUE had their comeback show ‘Can’t Stop’ on SBS this week where various celebrities appeared and talked about the group. Park Shin Hye, who acted alongside Yonghwa in two dramas, said, “Even when he acts, his eyes sparkle and you can see his ambition, but his gaze changes when he’s doing music. I saw their performance in person once, and I was so surprised.”

Kim Woo Bin said, “When they go up on stage, they shine a bit more, and I get drawn right in. It rained when we were filming the last episode of ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’. Jonghyun played the guitar and sang to me while looking me straight in the eye, so I fell for him then.”

Park Hae Jin also took part, saying, “When I see Jungshin up on stage, I wonder if that’s really the Jungshin I know; I think he looks really charismatic.”

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