[News] #CNBLUE’s #CantStop grabs attention of Scandinavian and Eastern European countries

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CNBLUE, who recently returned after one year absence with their fifth mini-album, Can’t Stop, have proven that their popularity has gone beyond Asia and has started to reach Europe!

A magazine from Poland, Asia on Wave Poland, wrote about CNBLUE on March 4 and revealed full of praise for the band.

“In the K-POP industry, which is full of idols, this band is really special. With their own music, lyrics and rock tone they will stay in the memory for a long time,” the magazine wrote.

The magazine was also complimentary of CNBLUE’s latest album, describing it as “eye-catching”, “accumulation of experiences” and “talents of all band”.

Meanwhile, a Swedish website, Hallyu.se, posted an article entitled Skandinavien kan inte fa nog av CNBLUE (Scandinavia Can’t Get Enough of CNBLUE). It stated that CNBLUE put Scandinavia in a heartburn, indicating CNBLUE’s huge popularity in the country.

“The reaction is not entirely unexpected. CNBLUE is one of the most popular kpop bands in Scandinavia, which is a country with a strong rock tradition. The title song “Can’t Stop” has received great response In Sweden as well as in the rest of Scandinavia,” the media wrote.

Ahead of their comeback in Korea, CNBLUE have staged their first-ever concert in Mexico, Peru and Chile, which is a sign of just how popular the boys have become in Latin America.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is currently promoting their self-composed mini album in various music programs in Korea.

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