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Date: 2014.01.18
Venue: Tokyo • TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills
Guests: CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin), Director (Jung Yonsun)

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100 000 copies of debut single major were sold; in 2013 they started a world tour as the first Korean band. They also appeared in Japanese rock festivals: the talented band CNBLUE. To celebrate the release of their first documentary movie The Story of CNBLUE/NEVER STOP, members came early 2014 to Japan, to hold 8 celebration stage greetings on January 17th and 18th. On 18th, for the seventh celebration stage greeting, the band was at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.

The members and director showed up on stage in front of excited fans. Wrapped in the fans’ cheers, Japanese questions and answers session was held.

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Please introduce yourself. What are your impressions about today?
Jungshin: Hello. I’m the bassist Jungshin. What did you think about NEVER STOP? It was good? I’m happy to share directly our feelings with you. Thank you very much.
Jonghyun: Hello, I’m Jonghyun. Many people came to see the movie, really, thank you so much!
Yonghwa: Hello. I’m Yonghwa. Many people came today, thank you very much. Please enjoy today. Thank you!
Minhyuk: Hello, I’m the drummer Minhyuk. Since the beginning up to now, it was NEVER STOP but from now it’s also CNBLUE, because we NEVER STOP, by all means, please look forward to it. Thank you very much.
Director: Hello, I’m the director Jung Yonsun. For a while, every day I was thinking about CNBLUE members, almost for 24 hours, “How are they today?” or “Yonghwa-san looked weird today.” or “Does Jungshin-kun really cook himself? (laughs)” or “Minhyuk-san didn’t seem fine today.” or “What will we do if Jonghyun-san is injured while practicing martial arts?”, because of this way of thinking, I was able to get to today, I feel extremely relieved. From tomorrow, with fans, we will also go to different cinemas; together we will ensure that the movie never stops being watched. Please continue to support us.

What’s the scene you like the most and the scene that embarrassed you a little?
Yonghwa: My favorite scene is during Summer Sonic, when we are talking professionally together. The most embarrassing scene is when I crossed the crosswalk in Australia. I was a little embarrassed while watching it. (laughs)
Jonghyun: About me, my favorite scene is the final scene. I think the ending is the best moment. It is a documentary but also a movie, so the end is the best. In a movie, it’s good because there are various powers and feelings contained at the end. (laughs) After, the embarrassing scene was, or rather the most embarrassing scene, as we had stage greeting 8 times all day, I feel more embarrassed because I always said the same thing. (laughs) Well, it’s embarrassing when fans ask us to come every time. (You become more and more embarrassed every time we ask these questions.) Yes, it is. Saying this more than 2 or 3 times, it embarrasses me really. (laughs) (This paragraph became already inevitable too.) But, since today is the last, it’s OK. (There is again one greeting after this one.) I’ll try to change for the last. Besides, I’ve been thinking about it.

Minhyuk-san, Jungshin-san, what about you?
Minhyuk: This movie is really good overall. However, honestly, it’s embarrassing  to watch yourself. Sure, I really loved playing all scenes. The most embarrassing scene is when I’m crying during our debut, it’s a little embarrassing. (laughs) Because I was childish at that time, now it’s all right.
Jungshin: The scenes I’ve preferred are when we performed in street and live houses, it reminds me so much of those feelings… Nostalgia, happiness, there are lot of emotions.
Yonghwa: (imitating Jungshin) I see. That’s right. (T/N: そうすか。そうすね。“Sou suka, sou sune” is the abbreviation of “Sou desu ka, Sou desu ne” that means “I see. That’s so/That’s right”)
Jungshin: And then, I don’t think I have any particular embarrassing scene.
Jonghyun: Now, I’m embarrassed. (laughs)
Jungshin: There is a scene when you can see us cooking, but the one that is better in cooking is probably me….
Jonghyun: Absolutely. At 100%. (laughs)
Jungshin: Ah, I see. (laughs)


Director, about your work, please tell us what was the most impressive?
Director: About these four men, the impression they left between before and after a live performance and when they are talking about fun things are completely different. When we started filming, the atmosphere before and after a live, or rather the fact that they form a territory around them, made me ask myself how I can enter with my camera, it was really difficult. First, 30 minutes/1 hour after filming, we seemed totally exhausted. However, after live performances, all of them came back as gorgeous and warm young men. We talked together and I felt really relieved after I introduced myself. Also, I thought that with the help of the Staff we could finally do good job.

The presentations couldn’t be made properly at the beginning, right?
Director: Because we would have to stop Minhyuk’s filming for that. (laughs) Honestly, it’s not because the members were angry or anything else, but just because I couldn’t join the project earlier. When I finally joined the project, it had already started, the world tour was going to begin and the filming in Taiwan was already launched. I joined the band during the next filming for their concerts in Seoul. I didn’t have the opportunity to introduce myself properly to the members as an important filming had begun. So I asked myself “Will all the filming be fine by including myself in this way?” I was extremely worried. But finally, the members, one after the other, did their best during recording, so we became friends quickly. So, this movie is full of amazing scenes without us being nervous.

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Guys, do you remember your first contact with the Director?
Jonghyun: Yes, I was surprised. We were informed there would be a shooting, but it started too abruptly. (T/N: Jonghyun means that the Director asked them too many things at the beginning.) I thought “What? It will always be like that?”. We didn’t have any explication; the director arrived without warning and started immediately. Maybe Minhyuk was a bit angry because of that. (laughs)
Minhyuk: I wasn’t angry. I’m really gentle. (laughs)
Jonghyun: Mostly, you’re scary. (laughs)
Director: But when Minhyuk-san is angry, he stays very polite, it was really nice. (laughs)
Yonghwa: Friendly ~. (laughs)


There is a scene that doesn’t appear in the movie but really happened?
Yonghwa: When the director came to the house, we did the game of who will do dishes. There was also a game called “Blackbeard”, members, director and staff members played together but our manager was the one who did dishes. (laughs)
Director: The four members were living together; I went to visit them to bring them presents. Then, Yonghwa-san was wicked (laughs), “Everybody, Director, Staff, after eating we’ll do a game to choose who will do dishes”, that’s right?
Yonghwa: That’s right. (laughs)
Minhyuk: At that time, Yonghwa-san was chosen first, then it was me and after it was the manager, then Yonghwa-san said “It seems that the manager has been caught.” Nevertheless, manager washed the dishes, but “Blackbeard” was (doing gestures) like that. (laughs)
Yonghwa: This is the reflection of the game. (laughs)

Jonghyun-san, have you got a story behind the scene to share?
Jonghyun: I don’t think there is really “story behind the scene”. Every time, for several days, the director was taking pictures. We used to say that in movies or documentary movies, we can see mostly people sleeping. So I did my best to stay cool, but at the end, it was impossible to keep that mood. (laughs) That’s right? I couldn’t do it. This job has sometimes weird activities. (laughs) (Even by trying to stay professional you reached your limit?) That’s right. It’s impossible, isn’t it? (laughs)

So, you wanted to show a natural attitude?
Jonghyun: That’s right. I thought it was better, but finally the director was scary. (laughs) Yesterday, once again, at the end of the event, I felt lonely, everybody was saying to me “Thank you for your hard work”, however the director added “Let’s do the next one more time” so I replied “No, it’s too much.” (laughs) Honestly, if I can during the next event, I will try to do more.
Director: Thank you very much!

Minhyuk-san, how about you?
Minhyuk: We went to Australia for our World Tour and at that moment, there is a scene of the 4 of us drinking beer together. When filming was over, foreign people beside us told “Are you really going to drink beer you 4?”, and at that time, they wanted to take a picture……. Such salty people.
Members: Salty?! What kind of person it is? Hum, salty…?! (loud of laughs)
Minhyuk: People who are drunk. (laughs)
Jonghyun: What are salty people!? It’s impressive. (laughs)
(T/N: しょっぱい人 “Shoppai hito” is a word that comes from sumo fights’ language and that means “pitiful, “shameful”, “pathetic”… But in common language, we translate this word into “salty person” that could also mean “exaggerated”, or according to Minhyuk’ words, “drunk.)
Minhyuk: Before, Jungshin’s miso soup was very salty. (laughs)
Members: It was a shock, we see. (laughs) Salty people, it’s interesting. (laughs)
Minhyuk: People who were drunk wanted to take a picture with us. They were scary but Director told me there was nothing to fear. By thinking about this now, these people were not fans, I think because it was a filming and because we were like celebrities, they wanted a picture.
Jonghyun: Even if I thought what kind of people it could be, we took the picture, they were salty people, no doubt. (laughs) (to Minhyuk) I’m sorry.
Minhyuk: Really, I’m wondering if it’s not the most embarrassing of 2014. (laughs)

And Jungshin-san, do you have any story behind the scene?
Jungshin: The salty story was great, I feel pressure. (laughs) In fact, I don’t have any story in particular but……. I talked with the Director about filming a scene riding a horse because I was filming my drama in the same time, but he didn’t film, I was a little disappointed.
Director: Jungshin-san was filming an historical drama for the first time. In the drama, a female hero rides a horse at full gallop. Although it may be dangerous, it was a challenge to take. Although I wanted to film by all means, it was a little shame that I couldn’t, because of the changing weather conditions .

There is a chance to have a second chapter, and a third chapter?
Jungshin: Yes. It’s “The Story of CNBLUE”, let’s go with CNBLUE again. (laughs)

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When the  question and answer session was over, the members and Director stood in the middle of the audience, surrounded by fans holding special blue panel, for a photo session. Fans were excited because members came around! Loud screams resounded through the Theater. Yonghwa added at last a message, “Thank you for coming today. The day after tomorrow, we are going to New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, and also in Peru and Chile. When we come back, we will release our Korean album. There will be really, really, really good songs so please support us. Also, please look forward to all our activities from now. Thank you very much.” while fans were sending again huge cheers.

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