We #CantStop Loving #CNBLUE! CNBLUESTORM is now 4 years old!

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Art by kheyar@cnbluestorm.com

Art by kheyar@cnbluestorm.com

CNBLUESTORM.com was formally launched on March 12, 2010. It’s been a B.L.U.E. 4 years since then! Looking back, we really went through a lot but it was all worth it. On behalf of the CNBLUESTORM family, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all our readers, followers, subscribers, donors and patrons for supporting us continuously through thick and thin.  It is very hard to be able to sustain and maintain this blog, but with everyone’s help and support, we have and will continue to rock. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you very much!

In celebration of  our Anniversary and CNBLUE’s recent album release “Can’t Stop“, we have some online activities. Thanks to all those who contributed, participated and supported our event.



  • 6 Can’t Stop albums – @pi_yong
  • Special Prizes – CebuNuna

Thank you so much! We are still accepting contributions to be added for our 3rd activity.

Activity #3 – Donate for CNBLUE School.

You may send donations via the following:

For Western Union and Bank Transfer, please send an email to bf.boice@yahoo.com

For PayPal, please address your donation to cnbluestorm@yahoo.com

Please notify us by sending us an email of the proof of your donation (receipt’s scan/photo), and your full name / alias to bf.boice@yahoo.com

Deadline: April 1, 2014 @ 2:00 PM KST.

Activity #1 – Trivia for Twitter Trending Topic or T4T3 Winners:

Feb.24 – @Xxmz4everxX
Trivia No.1: What is the title of CNBLUE 5th mini-album?
Answer: Can’t Stop

Feb. 25 – @jungrara
Trivia No.2: What is the label / brand of Minhyuk’s drum set in CNBLUE MV for Can’t Stop? It can be seen in his Bass drum.

Feb. 26 – cody ‏@cody_luk
Trivia No.3: #CNBLUE will return to America on April 2014, for what event?
Answer: KBS ‘Open Concert’ LA Kpop Festival

Feb. 27 – Angel Oliva 천사 RN ‏@lousilangela
Trivia No.4: What are the colors of the tank top worn by the girl in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop MV?
Answer: Black and White

Feb. 28 – 애슐리@ashleybeteta
Trivia No.5: What board game is featured in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop MV?
Answer: Chess

Mar. 1 – AlyEunDia ‏@BurningJongEun
Trivia No.6: Which book can be found in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop MV?

Mar. 2 – 용SandraLei용 ‏@SandLei24
Trivia No.7: A clock can be found in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop MV. Where is the clock’s short hand pointing to? / What time is it?
Answer: 4 / 4:03 (4:00 – 4:05)

Mar. 3 – ㅡyatuㅡ ‏@ysmnsidd
Trivia No.8: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “I can’t stop loving you” in its lyrics?
Answer: Can’t Stop

Mar. 4 –Code Name LJH @Burningbabyboy
Trivia No.9: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Sweet my love” in its lyrics?
Answer: Sleepless Night

Mar. 5 – Maribel Beltran ‏@cnpinkgt
Trivia No.10: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Oh wanna change” in its lyrics?
Answer: Cold Love

Mar. 6  – 샤이라 ‏@Burning_Robot
Trivia No.11: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Just like heaven” in its lyrics?
Answer: Like A Child

Mar. 7 –Aramoix Narvaez@AraYuuko
Trivia No.12: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Don’t worry no more” in its lyrics?
Answer: Diamond Girl

Mar. 8 – Adel ‏@adeltsl
Trivia No.13: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Look at my eyes” in its lyrics?
Answer: Sleepless Night

Mar. 9 – yh-s ‏@JYHcoffeeshop
Trivia No.14: What song in #CNBLUE‘s #CantStop album contains the following phrase “Fall in Love” in its lyrics?
Answer: Sleepless Night

Mar. 10 – AralePooh ‏@mcplau
Trivia No.15: Which song in #CNBLUE #CantStop album speaks of the feeling of wonder a man has for the glowing beauty of a woman?
Answer: Diamond Girl

Mar. 11 – 쫑의 돼지국밥 ‏@BurningPorkSoup
Trivia No.16: On What show did #CNBLUE took their 1st win with #CantStop?
Answer: MBC Show Champion

Mar. 12 – Kristyawati Yuli ‏@kiyuliyul
Trivia No.17: What is the ranking of #CantStop by #CNBLUE today on @billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100?
Answer: 8

We recently concluded our 1st online activity. Thank you for participating and Congratulations to all winners! Winners will be contacted via twitter. Prizes will be sent within this month. Please wait patiently and give us time to sort them out. 

Activity #2 – CNBLUE Can’t Stop Album Support Event

Thanks to all those who supported and purchased CNBLUE 5th mini album Can’t Stop legally. As support, we will have one lucky winner who will win 1 copy of CNBLUE Korea Best album “Present (Normal Edition)! The name which will land on #4 in the random list generated using random.org  is the winner! *drum roll*

Congratulations to …

CantStopalbumsupport#4 for four years with four burning lovely untouchable emotional men… and beyond. ^^ Winner will be contacted via cnbluestorm@yahoo.com email. Congratulations once again to all winners!


As CNBLUESTORM’s founder, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who keep the site running… and help us reach where we are now. Thank you for the time, effort and support. I hope everyone will continuously strive to reach our goal. That is, to bring CNBLUE closer to their fans and for CNBLUE to gain more fans by bringing updates about them and their activities, passion and music.

Also, its been my (most Boice) wish that there will be a solid subbing team for CNBLUE related videos. But even for the articles, we are short of translators. If you are interested, we are still in need of translators (Korean / Japanese / Chinese – English), bloggers and proofreaders / editors with experience in wordpress. Please send your application to cnbluestorm@gmail.com

Everyone, let’s do our best together until we die! 다죽자! Da Juk Ja!


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