[Trans] CNBLUE for Korean TV Drama Vol.59 (Part 2)

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– Do you feel you’ve achieved your dream by doing the world tour?

MH: I’ve done acting and so on as well but I feel the live stage is the place I can be the happiest. I could acknowledge that this time.

JH: It’s not the end though, since we have bigger dreams.

YH: #1 on Billboard chart! Dream has to be big!-

Are you doing any particular effort in order to achieve that dream?

JS: Rather than making any particular effort, what we work on every day is the effort itself toward that dream, I think. As a result (of working on), we gain more experiences and as time passes, we’ll be satisfied.

JH: Getting on the # 1 on billboard chart, or being loved by many more people, can’t be achieved only by all of us. There’s a need for opportunity and people who support us. Therefore,  I believe that right timing is very important. In order not to fail to catch that timing nor regret because of that, we need to keep up and to always be prepared for that.

MH: As JH just said, lots of conditions pile up to make dream a come true, I think. So, if we keep giving our best in every moment we have, I believe our dream can be fulfilled.

YH: I’ve been composing songs using English for quite sometime. I think this can be a connection to making the  dream come true. So, I can say I have been preparing by writing in English.

– Can you imagine yourselves 10 years from now?

JH: it’s not so far away. As said in this film, we are not complete yet and we need to keep running. So, if we just continue with what we are doing, I believe it should be fine. And that’s not hard to do.

MH: The 4 of us together are always trying to find the best and working hard to create the better performance. This is our first World Tour, but I am hoping see us making more great performances in world tour again in 10 years.

YH: I think we will be traveling using our own jet 10 years from now.

ALL Laugh

– in 2014, do you have any ‘never stop’ matter individually?

JH: We still have the world tour and I’d like to visit many more places we have never been. The world tour is not over yet and I’d like to continue into 2015.

MH: Since we are only in our 20th, I don’t think we need to stop at all. For everything, never stop.

YH: We have not reached our goal yet. Rather, I think we have just started and that is why we need keep running toward (the goal).

JS: When I watch the last scene of the film, I can see we have grown since then. Just like that,  I’d love to feel our growth, when we look back in 2015, we see that we were missing this and that in 2014.

– So what is your actual goal in 2014?

YH: We’d love to perform in Tokyo Dome. We’ll try hard. Plus, we’d love to be able to go around the world to visit more places. That kind of year..

– Looks like it will be a busy year for you. Don’t push too hard to exhaustion.

JH: Yes, of course.

YH: That won’t happen.   (smile)

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