[Recap] FNC Kingdom Day 1 – Fantastic Day ~ #CNBLUE Part

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And the last part was performed by CNBLUE!


They started off with ‘Blind Love’ and raised the energy of the stadium at once, and it was followed with Jonghyun singing ‘Kimio’ with his soft and gentle voice. Then they raised the energy of the place even higher with their hit number In My Head, and ended with Yonghwa’s shout ‘CNBLUE, Top of the world!’ that made the audience scream!

Yonghwa: Hello~


Yonghwa:  Are you all having fun? We are happy to have a live concert with artists from the same agency. Let’s enjoy it till the end! Budokan! Are you ready?

Yonghwa:  Of course all of you… you are my diamond girl ~ (all scream)

With that, they performed the song ‘Diamond Girl’ which is from their 5th mini album.

In ‘Coffee Shop’, they showed off a drum solo by Minhyuk, a guitar solo by Jonghyun, a bass solo by Jungshin, then Yonghwa.

In ‘I’m sorry’, Yonghwa made the audience follow his famous elbow dance which made him laugh. All became one by loudly singing ‘miccheoso’ together. In the end his high pitched voice was so wonderful that wow the audiences.

Jungshin: First floor, are you having fun? Second floor, are you? Third floor, how about you?

Jonghyun: We’ve been so busy with comeback activities in Korea… (So I was worried to do this stage) but everyone is great. I seriously think so. I can receive a warm feeling from all of you and we can finish the rest of our activities with a good heart. I will send you my gratitude by playing good music. We’ve currently been doing a World tour and meeting all of our fans. Hearing their cheers, I feel we need to return you our love by our music. We will multiply it (your love toward us) and send it back to you, so please look forward to it. That’s all.

Yonghwa: FNC got really big. First, FTIsland… thanks —struggling to find words—- (in English) Thank you very much!!!

Jonghyun: He means that FTIsland has started off the company. I am thankful for them.  I am the translator, Jonghyun. (That made audiences laugh.)

After that, as Yonghwa sat in front of the piano and started to play, the whole stadium went completely quiet and you could only hear his piano and his voice. Despite the fact that there were various groups’ fans, it is common standard to listen to the music. Seeing this, I was amazed that this is the true Japanese way of enjoying music.

Next was their new number ‘Can’t stop’. They are currently having their come-back in Korea and are competing with big artists. Hearing it live, it is truly a great song. Even in Korean, many fans sang it together. Yonghwa looked really happy singing along with them. They ended their stage with ‘Like a child’. I could confirm CNBLUE’s growth by today’s stage. We can have high expectations of them.

With calls for an encore, CNBLUE appeared.

Yonghwa: Thank you! It’s FNC Kingdom, so we would like to welcome all the artists to sing together. Everyone please come in. (introducing all artists)

Then came photo time with the audience. Hongki made the cameraman come back to take another one with the audience behind the stage. Thoughtful Hongki had eyes for people behind stage.

Hongki: Today’s encore song is CNBLUE’s ‘Try again, smile again’. We have another stage tomorrow. Thank you for coming today.

They all sang ‘Try again, smile again’ together while silver ribbons fell down from the ceiling. During the song, you could see them interacting and having fun. Yonghwa stopped Lee Dong-gun who was trying to back off, and took him to the center, Hongki was swinging the FTIsland yellow flag, Jungshin and FT’s Seung-hyun got on the back of poor Jonghyun, while Minhyuk had FTIsland’s Jae-jin piggybacked, Jungshin and NFlying’s Kwangjin held each other’s shoulders, and the ending was filled with a warm relationship.

It was a very enjoyable first FNC concert. We’d love to see some collaboration next time.

Credit|Source: mpost.tv
Translated by Chie@cnbluestorm.com
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