[Support] CNBYonghwa’s 2014 CAN’T STOP LIVE IN SEOUL Rice Wreath Project & JYH Birthday Fundraising Project

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Greetings to all Yonghwa fans and BOICE!

As you all know, CNBLUE is holding a series of concerts in Korea this coming April 2014. 2 shows in Seoul on the 19th and 20th and 1 show in Busan on the 26th.

In line with this, @CNBYonghwa is planning to prepare banners and rice wreaths for the concert to show our support and appreciation.

In addition, @CNBYonghwa are also gladly offering assistance to overseas fans/fanclubs who also wish to send their support to CNBLUE and Yonghwa through banners and rice wreaths during the concert. It is due to the success of our recent collaborative effort with other overseas fan clubs for the Marry Him If You Dare press conference rice wreath project, that we are once again extending our assistance to fellow overseas fans.

For overseas fans/fanclubs that are interested, please send an e-mail @ cnbyonghwa@gmail.com

June is fast approaching and you know what that means, it’s our rocker leader’s Birthday. Because we Can’t Stop showing our love for him, @CNBYonghwa have already started planning and preparing for his very special day. As you know CNBLUE will release their 7th Japanese Single 「Truth」on April 23 and @CNBYonghwa have decided to accept pre-orders of the album for Philippines Boices. Please click the following link for details: http://wp.me/p3pT0N-5F

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