[News] CNBLUE to sing ‘Ryu Can Do It’ for LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin’s theme song

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Ryu Hyun Jin‘s official theme song for this season will be CNBLUE‘s song!

The song title will be Ryu Can Do It. Yonghwa edited his song One Time to fit Ryu Hyun Jin, and also remade the lyrics. The song will play all season every time Ryu Hyun Jin comes out onto his home field.

The ‘Mr. Monster’ in the lyrics alludes to Ryu Hyun Jin himself. The song is based on the Korean folk song Arirang, and Yonghwa added a guitar riff to the song to make it more modern.

Ryu Hyun Jin‘s label said, “Ryu Hyun Jin listens to CNBLUE’s music all the time. We thought that their energetic and young music matched him yell. CNBLUE has especially spread their name through their world tour, and they’re a band that’s being loved both overseas and in Korea.”

CNBLUE said, “All the members are Ryu Hyun Jin’s fans. We made this season’s theme song to support and cheer Ryu Hyun Jin’s winning.”

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