[Weibo|Photos|Trans] CNBLUE wins Best Band Award at the 2nd V Charts Awards (04.15.14)

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CNBLUE Weibo: 씨엔블루 인위에타이 시상식으로 베이징에 왔습니다! 멋진 시상식의 한자리를 빛내겠습니다! 씨에씨에~~!”

[TRANS] “CNBLUE WeiboCNBLUE came to Beijing for the Yinyuetai V Chart Awards! We will attend the awards ceremony! Thank You~~! (in Chinese)


CNBLUE Weibo: 여러분~~정신입니다!! 상..감사합니다 시상식에도 많이 와주신 보이스 여러분들, 늘 저희를 응원해주시는 보이스팬 여러분들이 주신 이 멋진 트로피 들고 한국으로 기분 좋게 돌아가겠습니다!! 콘서트에서 만나요!! 워아이니먼!”

[TRANS] CNBLUE Weibo: Everyone~~ this is Jungshin!!! Thank you so much for the award, to all the Boice who came to the awards night and to all the Boice who cheers for us every time. We will go back to Korea with a happy heart!! See you at the concert!! I love you! (in Chinese)

Source: CNBLUE Weibo

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm