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cnblue CSDear Boices!

Have you been waiting long for our updates? Have you mark on your calendar for 10 May?!
That’s right! CNBLUE will be back in Singapore 1 year right after their Bluemoon Concert!

Here’s what we have prepared for all:

Welcome Banner at Changi Airport

Welcome Banner FINAL

SGFC will be giving out the above welcome banners to boices who will be heading down to Changi Airport to welcome our boys arrival. As quantity is limited, kindly look out for our announcement on collection area for the welcome banner. Also, we hope that boices would keep themselves calm enough on that day to ensure our boy’s safety upon their arrival in Singapore.

To show our gratitude to FNC for providing us such a great news with the return of CNBLUE concert shortly after a year, SGFC have been working hard in negotiating with our organizers for the lists of projects that we wish to carry out while CNBLUE is scheduled to be on stage on 10 May!

We are glad to inform that most of our projects have been approved by our organiser [One Production] and the lists are as follows:

Yellow Ribbon Project

Due to the recent #Sewol Tragedy happening in South Korea, SGFC have decided to proceed with this project with having this yellow ribbon tied to your left wrist to show our respect and condolences to all affected victims and family of the ferry incident.

We will be tying the yellow ribbon sponsored by SGFC on the concert day to all boices, the ribbon will be tied on left wrist as shown on the picture above. We, sincerely hope that all boices attending the concert would actively participate in this meaningful project.

On behalf of CNBLUESGFC, we would like to thank and credit Kelly, (@KellySiripoonya) from Thailand  for her suggestion on this project that is really meaningful for us to carry out.

Food & Beverage Support

fijifood support

Yes! Fooooooddd~!! In order to ensure that our boys meal is well taken care of, SGFC will be assisting with catering services for our boys as well as the team’s meal during the concert day. In addition, we will be sponsoring our boys Fiji water (mineral water) for them to recharge themselves before the concert. Korean snacks, Korean Cup Noodles, delicious desserts (agar agar) and special beverages like Ice-Americano and Caramel Macchiato will also be sponsored by SGFC for our boys during Concert Day.

Special thanks to our International Partners:


Thank you for your contributions and support to SGFC Food Support Project.

Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangement WITH CARD

The above Flower Vase (consists of Matthiola, Orchid & Gerbera) will be arranged and sent to CNBLUE’s dressing room with the help from One Production as a form of welcoming our boys to Singapore and wishing them a success of the concert holding in Singapore. We are glad to announce that and Cnblue Spain are collaborating with us in this flower arrangement project.

Lee Jong Hyun’s Birthday Message Banner

Jonghyun Boices Sign Banner

Boices should all be aware that 15 May is our guitar freak, Lee Jong Hyun’s 25th birthday. Since the concert date is 5 days away from his birthday, SGFC have decided to proceed with this project which a cloth banner will be presented on the concert day so that boices may pen down your message for Jonghyun. Markers will be provided for all and our cloth banner will be placed beside the Official Merchandise Booth for the convenience of all boices. Do remember to participate and pen down your wishes or messages that you want to write to our guitarist.

Please note that we will end this project at SGT 5.45pm as this cloth banner will be presented to Lee Jong Hyun by One Production thereafter at SGT 6pm right before the concert begins.

Lee Jong Hyun’s Birthday Cake

Our initial request for a cake ceremony celebration to be held during the concert was revised as the concert production team advised that they have a tight concert flow to comply with. In addition, due to the recent Sewol tragedy that is happening in South Korea, in order to respect the affected families of this tragedy, SGFC have decided to send our birthday cake via backstage to Jonghyun.

We have managed to get an approval from One Production and they will be assisting us to send the birthday cake we prepared over to Jonghyun. The above photo of the cake (brownie cake) will be the size of how our cake will look like. However, the decorations, designs and wordings will be changed accordingly.

On behalf of CNBLUESGFC, we would like to thank Radiah, our sponsor for this cake.


CNBLUE Banner FINAL screenshot
One Production has approved our big banner on the day of the concert hall. You will be able to see our banner hanging in the venue itself.

Can’t Stop Hand Held Banner

Can't Stop Banner v3

We have prepared to give out 3500pcs of our Can’t Stop Handheld banner priority to boices whom are located at elevated arena. This handheld banner will be raised when CNBLUE performs their latest 5th Mini Album tracklist song “Can’t Stop”.

* Section 109 – 133
Section 210 – 232
Section 311 – 331

Boices who have purchased the above sections tickets , please do come forward to find our friendly admins to collect the hand banner upon showing your concert ticket. As there’s limited quantity, ONE Redemption of the hand banner is allowed per concert ticket.

Lee Jonghyun Hand Held Birthday Banner

JH hand banner4

Apart from our Can’t Stop Banner, SGFC have also prepared 1500pcs hand held birthday banner to be given out to boices whom are located at the arena floor. This banner shall be raised when Jonghyun sings Blind Love (tentatively pending approval for selected song).

*Standing Area A &  B
Premium Seating –  PA1 & PA2 / PB1 & PB2

Boices who have purchased the above sections tickets , please do come forward to find our friendly admins to collect the hand banner upon showing your concert ticket.
As there’s limited quantity, ONE Redemption of the hand banner is allowed per concert ticket.

Exciting Giveaways

Giveaways Poster
Not to forget our wonderful giveaways that we have prepared for boices.!

As much as we hope to distribute all of them to boices, we regret to announce that each boices will only be entitled to one giveaways due to limited quantities. In addition, we hope to give all boices a fair and equal chance to receive our giveaways. We hope to gain understanding from all. 🙂

Giveaways will be scheduled at 4 different timings starting from 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm and 5.30pm. We will announce on our social medial platforms of our admins location for boices to reach out to us to get our giveaways. All giveaways will end at 5.30pm as admins will need to prepare on our end for the upcoming project we have during the concert.

We are thankful for the all above project mentioned which have been approved by One Production/FNC.

Next up, the below project has been decided and will be held fully by SGFC during the concert.

SGFC Rainbow Project

Rainbow Sea Poster
In order to create a memorable event for CNBLUE and boices, SGFC have decided to take up the lead in this rainbow sea project which will be carried out during the concert. This project signifies our strength and unity as boices to CNBLUE.

Admins and designers have really spent alot of effort in coordinating and planning all the above mentioned projects and we hope to receive full support and cooperation from boices. This shall be time to show CNBLUE that boices are UNITED as ONE and in return create a memorable event for both CNBLUE and boices.

Here are some further updates you wish to take note:

Due to numerous enquiries we received from boices, kindly refer to the following information we have received from One Production:

Can’t Stop Merchandise


One Production will be bringing in the following merchandise for sale during Can’t Stop Concert in Singapore. The price and timing for the merchandise will only be released approximately 1 week prior to the concert.

You may refer to One Production Facebook page for updates, otherwise do keep a lookout on our social media as we will announce once we received updated news.

  • Holding Pen (Standing Pen)

Please note that on the concert day, there will be a holding area for the Standing Area ticket holders. The holding area is at the coach bay, located on the right of the Box Office. The holding area will open at 4pm; 3 hours before show time (subject to change). Standing Area ticket holders should queue up at the holding area according to the signage and the sequence of queuing number as printed on the ticket.

Kindly refer to One Production Facebook page for latest updates (if any).

  • Gift Collection Station

We have received numerous request for SGFC to pass gifts to CNBLUE during the concert day. Hence, we would like to inform all that there will be a Gift Collection Booth on the day of the concert. The location will be announced on One Production Facebook nearing to the concert date.

Kindly note that SGFC will not be liable for the gifts that you intend to leave it at the gift collection booth as we cannot guarantee that all of them will be retrieved by CNBLUE or FNC team.

Token of Appreciation to all Donors

Donors Poster
On behalf of CNBLUESGFC, we would like to thank all our donors and sponsors (be it our fan support donation or merchandise support for fund raising).Your little contributions make a huge difference to us as it allows us to plan this series of projects for you as well as the public. As mentioned in the above, kindly locate for me (Jeannie) on the day of the concert to collect this token of appreciation from us.

Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read this post and we hope that all boices will enjoy 2014 CNBLUE Can’t Stop LIVE in Singapore.

Best Regards.


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