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Crazy (7)
FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN ~ Fantastic & Crazy ~

Artists: FTISLAND, CNBLUE, JUNIEL, AOA, N.Flying, Lee Dong Gun, Song Eun Yi
Dates: March, 15 and 16 2014
Venue: Nippon Budokan

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FNC Entertainment, is an agency that produces South Korean band FTISLAND, CNBLUE and more, held its own music festival on March 15 and 16  2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN ~ Fantastic & Crazy ~ at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo and gathered 26 000 people during the two day concert. This kind of live assembly of all FNC artists happened for the first time and was presented as Fantastic Day on 15th and Crazy Day on 16th with different set list for each day. On March 15, FTISLAND opened the show while CNBLUE was the last to perform. For the second day live on March 16, they reversed the turn.

Thus named KINGDOM, the stage was like the walls of an old castle, in the middle of the arena surrounded by the audience in 360 degrees configuration. For the second day, CNBLUE, who was the last to perform the day before, appeared first on stage, illuminated by soft blue light. Live music started in a happy mood by sweet songs Like A Child and Can’t Stop, from the successful latest album released in Korea, while Yonghwa was playing the piano. Can’t Stop, which received good responses on Korean music programs, was performed for the first time in Japan during this event, making the audience happy at the venue. “Since we are opening the show today today, we want to be one with you all. Please let’s sing together!” said Yonghwa, and the audience sang the chorus of the songs like Love Light, Starlit night and more. The members seemed also happy to perform at Nippon Budokan for the first time. Warm songs led by piano and acoustic guitar were played during the first half part of the performance but immediately Yonghwa screamed “I wanna go to the top of the world!” introducing the second intense and rock part with 4 songs from Robot to Lady, heating up the venue. 9 songs sang live for exactly 1 hour seemed short; but, it was a worthy beginning of the theme Crazy on the second day.

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The second band to appear on stage was the one that started its indie debuts in Japan last October and is set to debut in Korea this spring: N.Flying. This new band also attracted attention since the beginning of Korean TV program Cheongdamdong 111: N.Flying the way to become a star. Introducing the show with cover song of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, they performed four songs including Basket. This “mixture rock” genre that features rap and hard sound showed an innovation in FNC. The emergence of this band with a new color increased the expectations from FNC fans.

Third band to perform was the all girl band AOA, who won 1st place on Korean music programs last February. With 8 members in total,  FNC’s first girl band is divided into 2 units with different concepts; the band unit with 5 members and the dance unit with 7 members. This time the band unit played a cover of Japanese song Heavy Rotation by AKB48. The band received a great response from the venue as though it was not the first live in front of Japanese fans. Under the dance unit, the girls performed Miniskirt with a sexy dance. The high powered performance on that stage proved the great potential from these 8 Angels.

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A special stage followed after with TWO SONG PLACE, formed by the talented actress Song Eun Yi and FTISLAND’s Seung Hyun. For the first time in Japan, the duet performed the dance pop song Nai-ki (age-height), featuring an active rap part from Seung Hyun. They were joined by AOA members who were dancing for a unique collaboration. Also especially for this second and last day performance, CNBLUE’s Minhyuk surprised the audience by participating in the dance. While doing a funny dance battle with Seung Hyun, he expressed “It’s the first time I’m doing a dance performance.”

Fifth performer was the only solo artist of FNC, JUNIEL. She came to Japan in 2010, started her music career while studying at Japanese school, and finally made her major debut in 2011. The singer accompanied by her acoustic guitar sang three of self-composed songs, including Everything is Alright. “Today is the Crazy Day so let’s do all our best, doing what we want to do, saying what we want to say. Therefore, there is something I want to say to the president!” she first said and attention was focused to Han Sung Ho, president of FNC who was here among the audience. “Yesterday after the live, at the after party, I talked with the president, and I want to thank him for his love and support for me.” she then added while receiving warm applauses.

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Sixth artist to come on stage was the special guest Lee Dong Gun. The appearance of the actor from successful drama Lovers in Paris, movie My Boyfriend is type B, and more recently drama Marry Him If You Dare with CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, received hug cheers from the audience. The sweet voice of this actor who made his debut as a singer first, bewitched the audience during the cover song Kanashimini Sayonara. “It’s the first time in five years that I am singing in front of you all. It’s been a while so, I would like to sing on this stage a new song.” he said before giving the surprise to perform new unreleased song Oh I Love You.

Finally, the last to perform for this second day was the first band and the one who started the history of FNC, FTISLAND. Once their name was announced, the venue changed into the color of the band thanks to yellow lightstick. Although the event has been postponed because of Hongki’s injury at the end of the year, this live performance marked the long awaited comeback for the fans and the band as well. Tension in the venue soared once Shiawa theory started! Yellow towels turned around during Let it go and the audience sang lyrics in Korean during I Wish. Not mentioning Hongki‘s strong voice, his absolute aura and his attitude to enjoy the live gave an intense excitement to the fans. Powerful and positive sound of FTISLAND‘s music showed how happy they were to be together. Anyway FTISLAND has an intense and pleasant charm. “Let’s have fun without thinking too much!” shouted Hongki while sprinting around the stage. “In the future too, we will do our best to make music together. I really feel it’s my only destiny.” he also added with emotion and concluded by the last song Stay with Jaejin‘s melancholic voice. Despite it being the first performance of FTISLAND at Nippon Budokan in three years, they played nine songs appropriated for rock.

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Before the encore, Hongki said to the fans the following words to symbolize this event “I want you to leave with a happy feeling. Are you happy now? So it’s just good for us, right?”. To finish, FTISLAND introduced all artists one by one while they were coming back on stage and took a picture with the fans to mark the great success of FNC KINGDOM. All artists closed the event after four and half hours by singing FTISLAND’s Like The Birds and walking around the stage to thank the fans in response to their loud cheers.

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Through this family concert, the audience could see the interaction between the artists, and especially the first event co-starring FTISLAND and CNBLUE in Japan. The atmosphere seemed to have deepened bonds of family for fans and artists as well. Also, for the fans it became an event which will remain in their memories and to enjoy these memories at home, a CD of unreleased songs by FTISLAND and CNBLUE has been distributed to all people attending the event. FNC Entertainment; bands and amazing lives. This agency is no doubt changing the Korean band culture, in Japan and also in Asia while creating a new wave in the world.


Like A Child
Can’t Stop
Love Light (愛光)
Love is
Starlit Night
I’m a Loner (ひとりぼっち)
I’m Sorry

Poker Face
Bitter Sweet
One & Only

Get out (Band)
AKB – Heavy Rotation (Band)
Yureru (揺れる)

Nai-ki (age-height)

Everything is Alright

Lee Dong Gun
Cover song / Anzen chitai – Kanashimini Sayonara (安全地帯 -悲しみにさよなら)
Oh I Love you

Intro + Shiawa theory (シアワセオリー)
Wanna go
Let it go
Hope (願う)
Black Chocolate
Flower Rock

Like The Birds (鳥のように)

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