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UweeklyMagazine (2)-Uweekly, one of the two main Chinese Entertainment Magazine released weekly in Singapore, and this is the first time CNBLUE is featured as coverstory with their photo on the cover of this magazine, issue 437 released on 21 April 2014

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CNBLUE – Success is not by coincidence

With good-looking appearance and strong composing capabilities, Korean Rock Boy Band CNBLUE (Code Name Blue) is having their second concert in Singapore on 10th May 2014. BOICE all over the world are probably envious of Singapore BOICE. Unfortunately, however,  stress is inevitable because of their fans’ expectation.

100% Concentration

Artistes with ambition continuously seek breakthrough, naturally, CNBLUE is no exception to that. Before the new album < Can’t Stop> was released, it was said that Leader Jung Yong Hwa once expressed that he would like to release one “full self-composed” album to showcase members’ attitude towards “unstoppable” musical ambitions.

Music makes us playful and makes us feel freedom. When we are performing for our fans, we can feel the energy that they are transferring to us. In order to change our music style, we put in lots of efforts and try and to put in a whole new element in this album. Hence, we are looking forward to be able to showcase this new music for everyone live in our concert. ”

CNBLUE who is known for “100% concentration and engrossment”, is always a group that company is proud of. After watching the reality show <Cheongdamdong 111>, audience should have some impressions of the 4’s serious attitude (as compared to the deeper impression of their more playful and lively senior band FTISLAND).

Yong Hwa loves to shake hands with everyone and because of this; he was called “Mr. Congressman Yong Hwa”. Jung Shin, is the one with the ready smile and very warm, but when he was teaching his junior, he insisted that his junior should practice playing his instrument till he perfects it. Then,  he could take a break. From the “Sparta” devil kind of training they had on their juniors, we could see from CNBLUE that there is no shortcut to success.

Under long term high stress situation

Perhaps because of their meticulous character, when the 4 members had their psychology test, they were diagnosed as “high risk”. The doctor feels that they have stress hidden inside and Jong Hyun directly admitted that he has always been trying to manage his stress, but once every year, he would breakdown and even fell seriously depressed. Yong Hwa expressed that he has insomnia problem and the doctor exclaimed that his stress is already very high.

From the analysis of Yong Hwa’s drawing, the doctor feels that this leader perhaps want to escape from reality or because he needs to deal with such reality hence, he feels stressed out. Even the gentle looking pro gamer Min Hyuk also mentioned that once he start to work, he feels very stressful.

Can’t leave music

No wonder in the email, when we asked what their other hobbies that would make them unstoppable, their answers could never leave…

If we need to say something that makes us ‘unstoppable’, that is music. We 4 hope to compose even better music and will put in all our efforts to produce the best performance.”

Beside music, our other hobbies are sport and fitness and watching movies. Ah, also Jung Shin is very interested in photography.”

Jung Shin: “I love taking photos. For last year’s world tour concert, I decided to bring along my camera so that I can take photos anytime, anywhere. I am very interested in photography and editing photos, whenever I have time, I will do all these. ”

Even when asked about their hobbies that are outside of music, their answers seem like can’t leave work. See, like CNBLUE members need to find a method to relax fully.

Release the real “charm”

Their management company has participated in a “reality variety” show recently. From this show known as <Cheongdamdong 111>, CNBLUE also revealed their special characteristics.

Earlier on, to match with the group name CNBLUE, they give themselves a terminology – Lee Jong Hyun represents Burning, Kang Min Hyuk represents Lovely, Lee Jung Shin represents Untouchable and Jung Yong Hwa represents Emotional.

However in the show, the company’s staff gave their real comments, that Lee Jong Hyun is “Busan Man”, though he has been staying in Seoul for years, but he will still talk in cute “Busan dialect” accidentally, making him vexed. Kang Min Hyuk is an “avid gamer”, and his looks is always praised as the representative of Pretty boy. Lee Jung Shin is indeed “Kamjongshin”, it means that he is rich in emotions and pay lots of attentions to fashion trends.

As for Jung Yong Hwa this “model student”, he is almost perfect and finding his mistake is so difficult.

Perhaps, some audience was surprised by these “other side” but it is not strange to members themselves. “Actually the 4 of us, as always we are so familiar with each other so there is no surprise at all. However from this show, we have some precious moments with other artistes in the same company.”

5 year changes

After debuting for 5 plus years, does every members see the growth or changes in one another?

It feels that we did a lot of things, and seems like we had become more polished. Actually, the dreams we have before our debut is coming true one by one. When we held our first concert, we were very excited. Up next, we are going to make our other dreams come true! Everyone please give us lots of support!”

“CNBLUE LIVE- Can’t Stop” Concert

Date: 10th May (Saturday) Time: 7pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium Price: $248, $198, $168, $138 and $108 (exclusive of booking fee)

Purchase method: hotline 6333 5000 or online www.sportshubtix.sg for more details

Scanned & Translated by Huangyu@cnbluestorm.com

Edited by:  Weng@cnbluestorm.com

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