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CNBLUE Members are totally like the theme for this filming – Rock Warm Man. Earnest Yonghwa, heart-warming Jungshin, surprisingly cute Jonghyun, childish Minhyuk. The filming process is like a sweet and warm day-dreaming.

They are oppas with an average height of 180cm and are exquisitely handsome just like on-screen. 2014 will definitely be to their advantage with their acting and singing abilities.

Quietly entering the dream of these rock boys

14th January 2010, CNBLUE officially debuted in Korea as a rock band and they were very different from other idols group. Though every member in CNBLUE is classified as flower boys, with their talent and hard work, they have made their way out of the competitive Korean music market and achieved a rock route of their own. Not only have they created many catchy songs, they further extended their step to international stage – by having world tours…


Record 1: Enter the music world

Among all the dance idols that debuted in Korea, CNBLUE is like a “loaded bomb” especially in LIVE performances an they are like endangered animals. Still remembering the time when they first debuted with [I’m Loner], they obtained first in many music programs even as a new artist, debuting in the light of fame.

They are really fortunate as novices with their strengths. However, it has led to curiosity as to how they entered the music world.

Yonghwa was first attracted to rock during his first lower secondary level, he heard It’s My Life from Bon Jovi in his brother’s MP3. He found it amazing that someone’s voice could be so charismatic. Soon, he gains more love for rock and even try to imitate Jovi’s voice.

As for Jonghyun, no one can be more handsome than the way Eric Clapton sings and plays with a wooden guitar. “Since then I started thinking, I want to be like him as I get older.”

Jungshin’s favourite band is from America, Mr Big, they have their special way to showcase different genre of rock or even mixing and with this inspiration, Jungshin started to have the dream of having a band.

As for Minhyuk, he is probably the one that has the strongest idea about rock. Since he was young, he always loves the strong metal kind of genre and Maroon5.  With the mixture of soul, wild and mysterious charisma, it has strongly influenced him

Record 2: Charismatic Live

Amazingly CNBLUE is able to stand at the mark of the idol band, with CNBLUE LIVE, from the start of having road-shows now to concert performances, CNBLUE has grown and shined brightly. One after the other rock performances has easily kept us in excitement. Pre-debut, CNBLUE has performed as an indie-band in Japan and they continued after they were back in Korea. In 2010 and during a cold winter period, they decided to perform on the streets in Seoul. They brainstormed the kind of the street-performance that they wanted. Jungshin found a band Sigur Rὀs from Iceland and their recorded concert tour footage. Minhyuk with Europe Rock band Pink Floyd, but were all rejected by the other members. Lots of ideas had been brainstormed that included street-concert, coffee shop and even 63 building. In the end they decided to perform on the road “the road I dreamed” at Hongdae, and put up young and hyped up performance. This Live performance happened without any publicity but attracted hundreds of audience. Though two guitars could not receive the signals and cause the concert to stop for a few minutes but, in this cold winter in the  street of Seoul, these 4 warm men have started to warm up everyone. Live stage is very important but since music programs in Korea are on live broadcast, it is almost impossible for a band to perform live on stage. The way CNBLUE has pushed their best to perform live is to create the best music effect for everyone, though they may need to record earlier; they also need to pay for various charges for these live recordings. However, it is ok for them to pay, since live performance is something they always strive to do.


Record 3: Singing before acting

To be in the pinnacle of fame, a lot hard work is required. Even without any schedule, CNBLUE has been always practising with their instruments together and putting all their might on music. They are happy to play their instruments every single day and members are particular with their own composition strengths. They recorded their original compositions in almost all of their albums. As to how they obtained their inspirations, Yonghwa says it is mainly from his own experience and stories that others have told him, Jonghyun and Minhyuk are from songs and movies and Jungshin is from the experience he had, but the end product is something that is different from their warm and beautiful appearance.

Apart from music, they have many alternative roles as well, Yonghwa acted as Kang Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful before they debuted, followed by real-live variety show We Got Married with Seohyun and also with Yoon Eun Hye in Future Choice. The other 3 brothers did not lose to him too; in Gentleman’s Dignity, Jonghyun acted as Jang Dong Gun’s son, also Kim Woo Bin’s “Bestie” and sang My Love as part of the dramas’s OST. Minhyuk acted in It’s okay, Daddy girl, You have fallen for Me, You who rolled in Unexpectedly.  His “lovely” style is loved and after that, in Heirs,he portrayed the top scorer Yoon Chan Young, the love for his character is almost the same as the main lead, Lee Minho. As for Jungshin, he is the last to enter acting, first in the family drama My daughter Seoyoung then Blade and Petal as a swordsman. The only regret from us is that we would never see the 4 of them in the same drama, Jonghyun strongly objected, “never will this happen!” Jungshin explained that it is harder for all 4 of them to act in the same drama. Indeed they love to be a singer more and the mature attitude they have towards music is helping them toward becoming an A-star band.

Record 4: The “you” in my eyes

“Maybe among all the groups, we have the best relationship among members”. We’ve spent 4 years together and not a single fight…” What is the secret to CNBLUE’s harmony and until now they are still living in dorm together. The older hyung, Yonghwa smiled and said, “They listen to me a lot, if we fight, I will cry!” Though it was a joke, we could see that they understand and respect each other a lot. They don’t like to be in limelight, but they will support each other.  Perhaps this is the reason why they are still living together until now. Lets listen to the “you” in the other’s eyes!

Yonghwa, “Jungshin has deep thoughts, very kind to others, Minhyuk is stable, Jonghyun is very manly but have that unexpected side.

Jonghyun, “Yonghwa hyung is always diligently leading us ahead, Jungshin is a very happy optimist, Minhyuk is very detailed and meticulous.”

Minhyuk, “Yonghwa hyung is talented, humorous and handsome in all aspects, Jonghyun hyung gives that very comfortable and familiar closeness, Jungshin is humorous and unexpected but at the same time showing that stability.”

Jungshin, “Yonghwa hyung is the most charismatic during live, he is full of confidence in voice and hand gesture, Jonghyun hyung has a very mysterious  side until you know him better and Minhyuk too, they have that very unpredictable side.”

Indeed this is why CNBLUE is an unpredictable band.



Charisma of rock?

Yonghwa: Freedom?
Jonghyun: Should be freedom
Minhyuk: The warmth and interaction we receive from the audience on stage and the excitement from the mixture of two.
Jungshin: I feel that it is like the feeling of the freedom to run, especially during live, I feel that I have become one with the audience.

How did you achieve that surprisingly good result in 4 years?

Yonghwa: Nonstop performances! But I want to do it even better, what kind of practice is better than real live?
Jonghyun: Because we have good fortune, that’s why we are loved by everyone
Minhyuk: I think is because everyone keeps working hard and fighting hard together
Jungshin: Good luck, and also the support from fans. From debut until now, we never forget our pre-debut feelings, the  4 of us with 1 heart will continue to work hard.

Why do you love street performance?

Yonghwa: As it is a way to introduce to people that do not know CNBLUE. Also, interacting with strangers is different as compared with fans, another kind of charm
Jonghyun: We did lots of street-performance in Japan before debut, and the ability to perform right in front of the audience make me feel so excited.
Minhyuk: As we can act on the spot, it is more enjoyable and fun
Jungshin: Street-performance is very romantic, when the weather is good, it is good for both the performer and the audience, and it is something that can make people happy.

As you are good at instruments, aiming towards the A-star route but because you are young and handsome, you are labeled as “idol band”, do you mind?

Yonghwa: Very honoured. I feel that being an idol band is not very different, a band is still a band.
Jonghyun: Though I don’t hate it when people said we are idol band, but I hope it would be better if people were to label us as artists.
Minhyuk: Some people feel the musical aspect is lacking being an idol band. I feel that it is biased because no matter where we go, there isn’t a place where you do not know how to perform or is not professional just because we are called an idol band. We want to prove to everyone that we can achieve our musical dream.
Jungshin: I like both, either Idol or band it doesn’t matter, and I won’t waste time thinking about these unimportant labels, I believe time will change this.

Besides music, what are other things you do?

Yonghwa: Playing game using play station
Jonghyun: Mixed Martial Arts. Since we are busy preparing for our album, I could not exercise.  That is why, when there is no schedule, I will use this to exercise.
Minhyuk: Either play games or listen to music, or even to meet friends, sunbae or juniors
Jungshin: I am addicted to photography recently and love editing the photos I took at home after that.

If you are not an artist, what would be the job you wish?

Yonghwa: Will work hard to be an artist, didn’t really think about other jobs
Jonghyun: I gave up Judo, maybe will be Mixed Martial Artist. I did imagine myself standing on the fighting stage, I think sport will suit me better.
Minhyuk: Just student? I didn’t think about it before.
Jungshin: Never thought of it.

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