[Scan|Trans] CNBLUE can’t forget local food and Jung Yong Hwa self-composed “crab song”

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Korean band CNBLUE‘s drummer Kang Min Hyuk used proper English to compliment many local food such as chili crab, main vocalist Jung Yong Hwa even composed ‘crab song‘ on the spot and  amused everyone!

Last Saturday, at Singapore Indoor Stadium, CNBLUE members brought us many highly strung and soulful songs, making fans scream non-stop.

Apart from the good songs, the rapport between idols and fans is always the main highlight. During members’ introduction, drummer Kang Min Hyuk used proper English and said, “very happy to visit Singapore again, and ate chill crabs, black pepper crabs, cereals prawns and fried pan tofu, feel really great!

He added, “We like the cleanliness in Singapore, and it is a beautiful city!

Because of this, main vocalist Jung Yong Hwa even modified the lyrics of some of the songs and made “crab song” on the spot.  This elicited a lot of laughter from the fans.

During the concert, while CNBLUE was performing <These days> (translator’s note, the writer actually wrote 3 days, but the actual song should be these days) and <My miracle>, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun showed his rare vocals when he was singing while playing the guitar. The way he sang together with main vocalist Jung Yong Hwa impressed the fans a lot.

Another surprise during the concert was, before the performing <I’m loner>, Jung Yong Hwa led the whole stadium of 7000 fans in singing the song until chorus without music.  They then officially performed this song, bringing the atmosphere to a new hype.

Also, CNBLUE noticed that Singapore fans wore yellow ribbons on the chest (translator’s note, it is actually on the wrist not chest), all 4 of them were thankful and touched and wished that everyone can join in praying for South Korea.

During the last song, <Love light>, all 7000 fans started their own project that was to turn on their own phone’s flash light, using different color stickers and made ‘rainbow sea’,  to surprise CNBLUE!

Scans & Translations by: Huangyu@cnbluestorm.com
Edited and Posted by: Lyna and Weng@cnbluestorm.com

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