[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa arrived safely in Shanghai for Shu Uemura Fanmeeting (05.14.2014)

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@CNBLUE: 중국 boice 여러분 오랜만입니다^^ 용화예요~ 상해 잘 도착했습니다. 저를 맞이 하기 위해서 많은 분들이 기다려주시고 사랑 보내 주셔서 감사합니다. 비가 오니 조심해서 귀가 하시길! 내일 봐요 ^^ Thank you very much! 谢谢!!!!!!

Chinese boice it’s been a while ^^ It’s Yonghwa~ I arrived safely in Shanghai. To all people who were waiting to greet me with love, thank you very much. It’s raining outside so be careful on your way home. See you tomorrow ^^ Thank you very much! Xiè xiè (thank you in Chinese)!!!!!!

Source: CNBLUE Weibo
Translated by: Kimi@cnbluestorm