[Article] CNBLUE Wishes to Invite MAYDAY to Play Music on Stage Together

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Saturday 10th MAY 2014 Lian He Zhao Bao

CNBLUE Wishes to Invite MAYDAY to Play Music on Stage Together

If they would have a guest in their concert, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa revealed that they wish to invite Taiwan band MAYDAY and play music together!

(Translator’s Note: MAYDAY is one of the most popular band that started in 1997, a band with long history and won many awards. They  also composed many of their songs and lead vocal AShin is known to write songs for other artists such as S.H.E, another very popular Taiwan girl group that has a world-wide fan base)

Korean boy band CNBLUE is made up of Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin.  After their successful world tour concert last year, they are set to perform once again at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the local fans the “2014 CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop” leg of their concert tour.

Though they didn’t get to invite MAYDAY tonight as their guest, CNBLUE still looks forward to seeing every fans at the concert. Getting “high” with their upbeat songs and relaxing the soul while listening to their  mellow songs or just enjoying the songs they will perfom.


This concert and new their album “Can’t Stop” shares the same name. Jung Yong Hwa mentioned that “Can’t Stop” has a lot of meaning, it can be can’t stop in music and also can’t stop in love. He likes the title song “Can’t Stop” the most in this album. He said, “Can’t Stop allows people to see the different side of CNBLUE and it showcases a our new style and the different shades of CNBLUE.”

Lee Jung Shin said that he likes, “Cold Love” the most in this album. He also said, “This song is completed earlier than ‘Can’t Stop’, and I always hoped that it will become the title song.” He shows a very determined look and even used English to describe this song as “very powerful”.

The quieter member, Lee Jong Hyun mentioned that he likes the happy, fast beat song like “Coffee Shop”. While drummer Kang Min Hyuk mentioned that he replayed the album the previous morning and realized he likes “My Miracle” the most.

(Translator’s Note: I believe the writer got it mixed up, “My Miracle” isn’t in the new album)


The songs that these 4 men like are quite different and during the interview we could see that they have different characters as well. Leader Jung Yong Hwa is more lively and playful.  Though the interview was in Korean, he will throw a few English words once a while and even helped the interviewee ask the opinions of other members, thus, making the atmosphere really fun. Other members are relatively quiet and their replies are quite short.

Talking about plans for the next half of the  year 2014, CNBLUE will continue all concerts everywhere and hope to meet more people that like their music. Jung Yong Hwa revealed that he is preparing his solo album and hopes fans will look forward to it.

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