[Twitter|Weibo] Jungshin asks how is his real hyung’s photography skills

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Jungshin updated Twitter and Weibo consecutively this afternoon with photos taken by his real older brother, take a look at it! 🙂

Twitter Update:

@MentalShin: 오랜만이네요~ 친형이 찍어준 사진이에요 24살! 지금의 저예요. 어때요? Photograph by YSL

[TRANS]@MentalShinIt’s been a long time~ Photo taken by my real older brother, the 24 year old me. How is it?
Photograph by YSL


Weibo Update:

여러분~ 정신입니다 한국도 이제 정말 여름 날씨네요~ 이럴 때 일수록 감기 조심하시구 우린 콘서트에서 만나요!! 얼마 전에 친형이 찍어준 제 사진이에요 어때요?

[TRANS] Everyone~ This is Jungshin. It’s really summer already here in Korea~ This is the time to be really careful not to get sick. Let’s meet at our concert!! This is a photo taken by my real older brother not too long ago, how is it?


Finally, he also changed his Twitter icon. (@MentalShin)


So how was his hyung’s skill? ^^

Source: @MentalShin, CNBLUE Weibo

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm