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Cover of Easy Magazine- CNBLUE Super First Press Interview (New photoshoots fully revealed!!)

Cover Story, Can’t Stop Music Dream

With the 180 degree change in Rock-Pop, CNBLUE has officially made their comeback almost a year before they return to ShangHai for the next concert tour. Read the interview and feel the music world of CNBLUE!

“2014 CNBLUE CAN’T STOP LIVE” concert tour will soon be held at ShangHai, China. Please introduce this ShangHai stop concert.

YongHwa:  This is because of the release of new album <Can’t Stop> so everyone will be able to hear the songs live from the album <Can’t Stop>.
Minhyuk: From this “Can’t Stop” Live, everyone will be able to feel something different from our past concerts.

ShangHai stop is one of the stops in the world tour last year, it is almost a year before you returned to ShangHai for another concert, what is your impression about ShangHai? Is there any place that you would love to visit?

YongHwa:  I like ShangHai very much, I would like to go to a Long Hua temple (龙华寺) that has a very similar pronunciation as my name.
JongHyun: I heard that ShangHai Hengshan Road (衡山路) is very popular among the teenagers. In order to experience the atmosphere of the teens in ShangHai, I wish to visit there if I have the chance.
JungShin: I hope to visit ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠) to view ShangHai’s full scenery.
MinHyuk: The Bund (外滩) is a must if you  visit ShangHai. I heard that the night scenery is fabulous.



What about ShangHai’s food, is there any particular food that you would like to eat?

YongHwa: I want to eat egg tarts!
JongHyun: Rice cake/pudding in ShangHai is very famous and I  would like to try it.
JungShin: I want to eat China style steamboat!!!
MinHyuk: I want to eat Xiao Long Bao! The ones with soup inside.

With the release of the new album <Can’t Stop>, please introduce a song that you like the most. 

JungShin: <Cold Love> this was the title song before <Can’t Stop>. I feel that this song should be the title song then.
YongHwa:  <Can’t Stop>, this song can change the colour of CNBLUE’s music.
JongHyun: <Like A Child>
MinHyuk:  <Sleepless night>I feel that it suits the weather recently.

Aside from music, what are your other interests/hobbies?

YongHwa: Basketball. The weather became warmer recently, so I will play basketball once in a while.
JungShin: Photography. I love taking photos.
JongHyun: Sport, I love the feeling of sweating all over.
Minhyuk: Cycling. I bought a bicycle recently and was hoping that the weather will become warmer. If the weather is good, I would like to go cycling immediately.

Recently many idol groups started to have their variety shows in order to let fans have a better understanding of their lives. Previously, you were also in your company’s variety show <Cheongdamdong 111>, was there any memorable part during the filming?

YongHwa: Members went snowboarding together during our day off.  That was the first time we went out to play after quite a long while. However, Minhyuk was filming a drama, so couldn’t go together. He was kind of upset!

Everyone called YongHwa as “Congressman YongHwa” because he has the habit of shaking hands with other people.  What about other members’ habits?

JungShin: JongHyun hyung has the habit of wearing only underwear to sleep. (Everyone laugh loudly)

Among the members, who has the best variety skills?

(YongHwa pointed to himself and Minhyuk pointed to Yonghwa)

YongHwa: JungShin’s variety skills cannot be shown because they’re R rated ( meaning for 18 and above only)

After debuting for so long, is there any charisma that is not known to others yet?

YongHwa: I feel that I have a lot of ways to demonstrate my charisma/charm. (laughs)
JongHyun: It’s not possible to show all at once, hence, will slowly demonstrate. (laughs)

If the member is a daily necessity, how you would describe the members?

JungShin: Minhyuk is like tissue paper, as very clean.
JongHyun: YongHwa is a handphone.
JungShin:  YongHwa is a very strong perfume.
JongHyun: I am a lightbulb, very bright.
YongHwa:  But it will be dark when it is switched off. (Members laughed loudly)
MinHyuk: Members are like bed since they are very comfortable.

2014 Brazil World Cup is starting, who are the players that you admire? Also, who do you think will win the next world cup?

CNBLUE:  No matter what, we hope Korea will win and that this round will be a good one where everyone can enjoy and feel the world cup’s atmosphere.
JungShin: Lee Chung Yong
Minhyuk and JongHyun: Ki Sung Yueng
YongHwa:  Will support all “The Reds”

The sports that members love?

YongHwa:  Basketball.
JungShin: I … … (YongHwa: He does not like sport, JungShin likes going to the gym. He can do sit ups very fast.)
JongHyun: Martial Arts.
MinHyuk: If it is sport, I like baseball and soccer

Apart from the concert tour, are there other plans for this year?

YongHwa: Our goal is to complete the concert tour properly. I am also preparing for the  SOLO now.  Therefore, thinking if it will be a good plan later.
JongHyun: Yes yes

Lastly, please say something to China Fans!

YongHwa: For the China Fans that have loved and supported us continuously, CNBLUE will have many opportunities to visit China. We hope to meet everyone more often and present to you an even better music and concert.
JungShin: After “Blue Moon” and returning after a year, we are honoured and hope to spend a wonderful time with everyone.


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