[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk shares photos by the sea in Brazil (06.08.2014)

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060814 kmh_cndr


@kmh_cndr: 여러분~ 아시다시피 저희는 브라질에 와있습니다! 한국은 이제 잘시간이네요~바다로 놀러가고 싶었는데 모든 팬분들 덕분에 지구반대편 바다도보고 감사합니다! 상해 그리고 부산콘서트에서 만나요!”

“[TRANS] @kmh_cndrEveryone~ as you all know we are in Brazil! In Korea, it’s time to sleep already~ I’ve been wanting to hangout by the sea.. thanks to the fans we get to see it at the other side of the world! Let’s meet at the Shanghai and Busan concert!”

[T/N: Minhyuk tweeted late morning in Brazil, while it’s late night in Korea by that time]

Minhyuk then uploaded more photos taken when they were at the beach~

140608 Minhyuk 1

140608 Minhyuk 2

140608 Minhyuk 3


Source: @kmh_cndr

Translated and Posted by miryong@cnbluestorm