[Tweet|Instagram|Trans] Jonghyun & FT Island’s Jonghoon snap a photo together

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FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon uploaded a selca together with Jonghyun on both his Instagram and Twitter account.

140612 Jonghoon


@ftgtjhc: 종현이랑 ㄱㄱ”

[TRANS] @ftgtjhc: with Jonghyun kk”

Followed by his tweet with the same photo.


@FtGtJH: 둘이 기타 안치고 뭐하냐~”

[TRANS] “@FtGtJH: What are these two doing not playing their guitars~”

[T/N: Judging by the photo, seems like the two guitarists went on biking]

Source: FT Island Jong Hoon’s Twitter (@FtGtJH), and Instagram (@ftgtjhc)

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm