[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk’s surprise visit to AOA’s practice room

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140613 Minhyuk


@kmh_cndr: AOA 실루엣티저보셨어요? 전 티저보고 반해서 바로 연습실 습격했습니다.. 빨리 나와주세요 아오아여러분..ㅋ 요즘 단발머리가 좋더니 큰일났네”

[TRANS] “@kmh_cndr: Have you seen AOA’s Silhouette teaser? I’m lost in admiration after seeing it (the teaser) and immediately made a surprise attack to their practice room.. AOA will come back soon.. k I’m in big trouble, these days bobbed hair looks nice”

Source: @kmh_cndr

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm

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