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We had our 1st Brigada Ayuda Skwela last year in support of the Blue Moon Concert in the Philippines. Since we would like to continue what we have started, here comes the 2014 Brigada Ayuda Skwela and we are planning to do this yearly as long as we could.

For more photos, please click the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.551988348198508&type=1

For more photos, please click the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.551988348198508&type=1

This time, this project is in celebration of CNBLUE members’ birthdays (Jonghyun – May 15, Yonghwa – June 22, Minhyuk – June 28, Jungshin – September 15). Coincidentally, the start of classes here in the Philippines is in June.

Last year, we gave financial assistance to our beneficiaries as well as school supplies to 30 plus students residing at GK Baluarte. (Please see the photo on the left)

Children of our Blue House beneficiaries.

Children of our Blue House project beneficiaries with their school supplies which they bought with our financial support.

This time, we have given ₱ 1,500 PhP to our Blue House Project beneficiaries’ children as financial support for their school supplies or educational needs. The Lobo family has 2 children, Paul Sidney and Phoebe Jane (College). The Dela Cruz family has 3 children namely Maureen (Preparatory), Margarette (Grade 3), and Maxzinn Faye (College).

Graphics by vida@cnbluestorm.com

Graphics by cafevida@cnbluestorm.com

Beneficiary: Barangay Ampid 2 Day Care Center

 The Day Care Center, located at Salamat Ext. Ampid 2, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines, is a one story building that can accommodate 20 – 30 students. It may be crowded, but, Teacher Lovely will never say NO to parents who would want their kids to learn for free. Teacher Lovely is a volunteer teacher in the Day Care Center who does not receive salary but the Barangay Captain gives her monetary allowance. Volunteer assistants, who are mostly parents or relatives of the children enrolled, assists her.

 Collage 2014-07-03 06_53_29

Enrollees for this school year reached 90 students and are accommodated with three shift schedules. Children enrolled ages from 4 to 5 years old.

Collage 2014-07-03 07_00_19

 Commitments and Actions: Boices on the Go

With donations coming from CNBLUESTORM through fund raising drive and from CNBLUE México.com, BurningWivesPlus1, N. Flying PH, Roselyn A, Tammy L., Anonymous RA, Jean SJ, Glenda V., Rai L., Xyzerleen, Chow Yeung C., Kaye S., SweetBurning, R.Boyd and other donors we were able to give the following below.

 For the kids:

  • 90 packs of school supplies. Each pack contains 5 pads of grade 1 paper, 1 box Crayon 16’s, 2 pencils (1 regular & 1 Jumbo), 1 eraser, & 1 Eco Bag.
  • 105 pieces of Candy Donuts
  • 100 packs of Juices

Aside from the school supplies given to 90 kids, we also considered the need of the school’s facilities, such as supplies for teaching and the excess from the packs for the kids.

For the Day Care Center:

  • 1 cannonball speaker with USB facility
  • 13 Grolier Magic English Books with 13 DVDs
  • 1 box of chalk with 100 pieces of chalk sticks
  • 21 pieces of regular pencils
  • 6 pieces of jumbo pencils
  • 4 boxes of crayons 16’s

We would like to also acknowledge the following donors thru our fund raising drive: Apple DP. D., Balais, Melanie Siena D., Catherine R. C., Christyn Joy M., CRANDELL ANNE S. M., Decelyn M. P., Divina Gocela C., Erica Jane B. M., Erica Joy B. M., Glenda F. V., Jayna Chelle M., Jean S. SJ., Joejelin M. G., Jonalyn B. T., Kathleen I. B., Lea Angeli, T. F.Lorena C. B., Lorenz Mae A. V., Lyna4u, Ma. Diana Rose C. A., Mary Luz B., Maryjo Aquino B., Nina Catherine A. B. , Queeny Joy V. A., Razel J., Roselyn T. A., Sharlyn A. A., R. Magat, M. Pasia, S.A. Fuentes, R. Mercado, A. Isagunde, D. Ricarte, Kiara Jung, ChaMinRin

 Thank you very much for all the support and contribution!

Collage 2014-06-28 12_14_12

We are very grateful to the Boices who helped us from repacking to the distribution of supplies.

Repacking Team: Lorena Buensuceso, Claire Capuras and Mary Ann Pasia

Distribution Team: Lorena Buensuceso, Claire Capuras, Grashaz Flores, Dhianne Espiritu and Justine

 Collage 2014-06-28 12_12_50

D-Day (Distribution Day): Fun and Activities

The day started with invocation given by Teacher Lovely who was also the emcee. Then, one of the volunteer boice, Claire Carupas made the welcoming remarks. Officials of the barangay, the captain and one of the councils, also gave a message.

Collage 2014-07-03 11_05_01

Afterward, to liven up the day, Teacher Lovely prepared games. Special thanks to her for such fun activities! We are pretty sure that it was not only the kids who enjoyed the activities but the parents as well. It was followed by distribution of snacks (donuts & juices) we prepared for the kids.  They were so behaved that they lined up and grouped themselves according to their shifts.

 Collage 2014-07-03 12_00_52

Appreciation and Love

 To show their appreciation, the Barangay Officials gives a certificate of appreciation which was given at the end of the activity.

Collage 2014-07-03 07_07_49

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With this project, we hope to encourage fellow boices to spread the goodness of being a CNBLUE fan and to inspire many children to bring the beacon of being the hope of the future.

Once again, thank you very much to all who contributed in making this project a success.

 Da Juk Ja Boice!

For details regarding list of donations and breakdown of funds &  expenses, please click the following link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/cnbstorm-boice-philippines/2014-brigada-ayuda-skwela-funds-expenses/730002903730384

Photos by: Lorena Buensuceso, Claire Capuras, Violy Buensuceso
Prepared by: Lorena Buensuceso

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