[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa and Jungshin thank fans in Guangzhou for new memories made (07.12.2014)

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140712 Weibo


광저우 팬분들~ 용화예요~ 오늘도 즐거웠어요^^ 늘 좋은추억 행복한 추억 만들어주셔서 감사합니다.! 다음은 북경이네요~!! 북경에서 봐요!

[TRANS] Fans in Guangzhou~ it’s Yonghwa~ It was again fun today^^ Thank you for always making good and happy memories.! Next is Beijing~!! Let’s meet in Beijing!

140712 Weibo JS_

광저우~~!! 좋은추억 하나 더 만들고갑니다 WE ARE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL STAR

[TRANS] Guangzhou~~!! We’ve made another good memory. WE ARE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL STAR

Source: CNBLUE Weibo

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm