[Tweet|Photos|Trans] Minhyuk supports actor Yonghwa and quarrels about fashion with Jungshin on Twitter (07.16.2014)

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On July 16, 2014, CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk retweeted @FNC_ENT’s tweet:

: [#정용화] ‘#삼총사’ #이제_곧_달향의_시대가_올_것입니다 어젯밤 공개된 달향의 첫 티저 모두 확인해보셨나요? ” 이렇게 잘 나오기 있다고? 사람인지 인형인지.. 벌써 기대된다 형 화이팅!

[TRANS] : [#JungYongHwa] ‘#TheThreeMusketeers’ #Now_Dalhyang_Generation_is_Coming Have you checked out Park Dalhyang’s first teaser revealed last night? It came out so well like this? is it human or is it a doll…I’m already anticipating this. Hyung, fighting!

then he replied to FNC’s Twitter:

@MR_KANGGUN: @FNC_ENT 아니 누가 칼을 저렇게 미소를 날리면서 휘둘러… 칼이 무서운게 아니라 저..시크한 미소 어떡할건데?”

[TRANS] @MR_KANGGUN: @FNC_ENT who smiles like that while swinging a sword? the sword is not scary but that chic smile..what are you going to do about it?

Aside from showing his support for the leader, he also had a cute quarrel with the maknae about fashion.

140716 Minhyuk

Minhyuk tweeted:

@MR_KANGGUN: 요즘 더워진 날씨때문에 실내에서 에어콘만 켜고 감기걸리시고 그러는 거 다 압니다. 전 역시 선두주자답게 보드와 조끼를 입고 한컷! 서너달 뒤에 이런 스타일 유행합니다^^”

[TRANS] @MR_KANGGUN: Because of the hot weather lately I know you just stay in indoor with air-con on and catch a cold. But this is a shot of me looking like a leader with skateboard and a vest on! This style going to trend in the next three or four months ^^

and then Minhyuk mentioned the maknae about his eating broadcast in his drama

아 맞다 정신아! 너의 밥 먹는 모습이 어제 sbs에 나오던데 왜 거기서 먹고있어~ 나랑 먹어야지”

[TRANS]: Ah right, Jungshin-a! Your image while eating was seen on SBS yesterday. Why did you eat there? You should have eaten with me”
[T/N: There is part in Jungshin‘s new drama ‘Temptation’ where he is eating that aired that night]
140716 Jungshin

That night, Lee Jungshin also posted a picture of Minhyuk during BangBang filming,

@MentalShin: 민혁아 이번 뱅뱅촬영때 찍은거야 선물로 줄게 물론 고맙겠지.그러니까말이야… 우리지금만나 일산에서만나 롸잇나우만나 이거라임맞나 yoyoyo 미안 형 촬영가신다 수고”

[TRANS] @MentalShin: Minhyuk! This is taken during BangBang filming. I’ll give it to you as a gift.. of course you must be thankful.. that’s why.. Let’s meet now. Let’s meet in Ilsan. Let’s meet right now. This rhyming matches. yoyoyo sorry hyung is going filming. Work hard!
[T/N: ‘Let’s meet now. Let’s meet in Ilsan. Let’s meet right now. This rhyming matches’ Jungshin is rhyming a part of Leessang‘s song “Our Meeting“]

which he retweeted and replied:

@MR_KANGGUN: 고생했다 수고가 많았어 패션도 라임도 다 너가 진 것 같구나 언제든 도전을 해 온다면 받아주겠어”

[TRANS]@MR_KANGGUN: You’ve suffered a lot. You did a great job. fashion, rhyme, seems like you did it all. I’ll accept the challenge whenever it comes.”

Jungshin then posted the same picture that Minhyuk uploaded on his twitter,

@MentalShin: 아니!!!무더운여름에 패션리더들만 한다는 시즌점프패션!!!정말 놀라워. 눈이 멀겠다구!!!아아아이ㅏ악!!게다가 보드탈줄도 모르면서 마치 보드와 한몸인척 하는 철면피까지…내 패배다”

[TRANS]@MentalShin: No!!! In this sultry summer only fashion leaders do season-jump fashion!! Your eyes must have been seeing far to the future!!! Aaaaa!! You don’t even know how to ride a skateboard but you act like you’re into one with the skateboard and even brazened…I lost!
[T/N: What Jungshin meant was Minhyuk was wearing warm clothes which are usually worn in autumn on a hot summer day.”

which Minhyuk replied:

@MR_KANGGUN: @MentalShinㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ나에게 더이상 패션에 대해 언급하지마라”

[TRANS]@MR_KANGGUN: @MentalShin kkkkk do not mention fashion to me anymore”

Source: @MR_KANGGUN and @MentalShin

Translated by: asas@cnbluestorm

Edited by: vebyoktia and miryong@cnbluestorm