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It is already a hot and humid summer and the weather is still warm even though it is night time. Though it is already late at night, photograph shooting is still taking place in the cool air-con environment and we reached the place for Kang Min Hyuk’s photoshoot.

He was wearing a grey T-shirt, jeans and Nike sport shoes and this gentle young man has brought the fresh atmosphere here.

After greeting everyone, he saw the left-over guo ba by the staff, so he just sat down and said “I like to eat guo ba very much”.  Although he ate guo ba for dinner, he still emptied the bowl with big mouthful of guo ba, then he went to change and have his make-up done. His happy appearance made everyone smile as well. After that moment, Kang Min Hyuk is like an old friend.  While doing the photoshoot, he gives off a special sense which is pure and that of being close.

“Today’s photoshoot theme is “Blue Boy”. It describes how Kang Min Hyuk has that blue (gloomy) eyes but always shows his smile that feels like a shelter for everyone.

Ceci: What kind of style do you think you are, do you feel blue/gloomy?
Minhyuk: Half-half. Maybe not? Depending on the situation.
When looking at how I like those sad music, I guess I feel more gloomy then. However, that kind of being gloomy is not due to bad mood, but just down and quiet. Moreover, I have been learning piano and flute since very young, hence I maybe influenced quite a bit. Though I like those happy and fast songs during concert, I tend to concentrate more when performing those slower and emotional songs

Ceci: Ah, you learnt piano and flute before?
Minhyuk:  Yes, I always liked classical music before I fell in love with drums. Because of drums, my music exposure has broadened quite a lot.



Ceci: As a fan of Yoon Chan Young from Heirs, I always wanted to ask a question, “Are you such an emotional rich guy from the start?” I guess I know the answer after spending 4 hours with you; you are indeed an emotional rich person.
Minhyuk:  Thank you for seeing me that way. The atmosphere is very good today, so I feel even more emotional. However, as an artist, it is normal to be more sensitive. I  also lose my temper, but I will try my best to control myself as I am someone that looks for peace. A short phase will be an easy going mind. If you look at it from this point, probably I am not that emotionally  rich.

Ceci: You have shown us the flower bouquet that you made personally and even showed it to our designer. I am curious what made you  interested in flowers as it is pretty rare for guys to be interested in that?
Minhyuk: I always like small and little things and even interior design. I find it magical as I never thought I will gain interest in flowers. Probably just a random moment and I saw how flowers caught my eyes and started liking them. From each single stalk of flower, I started making bouquet as well. I guess it is a hobby. However, the flowers in florist shops are too expensive to the point that I even went to those flower markets to find them. Moreover, those flower markets only open at 12 midnight, I seem to gain new energy by making something out of it and it is a good use of my time. Furthermore, because I like that “will give me very pretty flowers” energy, I will run to that place whenever I have time even though there aren’t a lot of days that I have time. I still find it difficult to use flowers for decoration, but I will feel very happy whenever I completed a bouquet of flowers.

Ceci: Which kind of flower does you like the most?
Minhyuk: The small flowers that used to make the bouquet bigger are very pretty, I often use those purple ones. These small purple flowers means “forever”. Maybe because of this, I find it very pretty even if I just place these purple flowers.

Ceci: Who do you give the flowers to?
Minhyuk:  Myself. (smile and show me the photos) this is my room. I feel that giving flowers as a present has a huge meaning behind it.

Ceci: Really. What is your current view on love?
 Minhyuk:  Do you really need to match flower and love together? I feel that I am the kind that will give up everything if I am in relationship.  Even if I won’t marry her immediately, I will still treat her as my woman and use that motto that she is my date forever.

Ceci: You often appear on variety shows recently, what is the meaning of enjoying entertainment?
 Minhyuk: I do not have any variety sense and I’m not that kind of a funny guest. But, to be on variety show, the main thing is to be  funny. I like those kind of shows that film randomly, then we can play at ease.

Ceci: You received an award because of Heirs, do you have desires for acting?
 Minhyuk: It is hard to express these kind of desires. I like acting and also have that greediness to do it very well. No matter how good the drama is, if it does not suit me, it will be obvious. In the past I will accept without any considerations, but I feel that it is not possible to do well in everything now. I feel that no matter who that person is; there is always something that only suits that person. I am still waiting at home patiently for that thing that belongs only to me to appear.


Ceci: Are you very busy over Asian tour?
 Minhyuk: Yes. We are currently on the “Can’t Stop” Asian tour and we did a world tour last year. However, we will concentrate on Asian tour this year. We are actually going to the airport at 6 am tomorrow to go to Guang Zhou. After that, we are going Bei Jing and Taipei, our schedules are very full and it seem like the sleeping time for today won’t be a lot too. (Filming ended around 12 midnight) 4 hours is considered neither long nor short. Though this kind of life is not just a day or two,  but,  I can still sleep on the plane so it is okay.

Ceci: Because of this interview, we did some research on Kang Min Hyuk and heard “Star” that was sung in 2011. It was sung quite well too, do you have any desires to sing?
 Minhyuk:  You even managed to find that! It was quite long ago and now I feel shy talking about this. I like to sing a lot when I was younger. However I don’t sing so often so I started to lose confidence. Moreoever, hyungs sing so well now and there isn’t a place that I could be involved in. I didn’t feel that I could not sing that well in the past, but now, I feel that I really can’t sing that well. (smile)

Ceci: Very sad for your voice…
 Minhyuk: Thank you, but I won’t sing in front of everyone so soon too.

Ceci: You are still having dorm life right?  Are you living on good terms with your members? What do you do during your free time?
 Minhyuk: Cycling, watch movie… We used to play together in the past, but nowadays everyone has their own individual schedules so, we started our own things. However because of dorm life, we take care of each other a lot.

Ceci: Is it very far from your next album?
 Minhyuk: Yes. There are still a few more concerts. Yonghwa hyung and Jung Shin have their own schedules. Also to compose, I guess more planning will be done later in the year so kindly wait a bit more.

Ceci: Finally, what kind of person do you wish to become?
 Minhyuk: Ya. I have many thoughts, hence,  this and that. I hope I don’t think too much and I  hope to become someone with freedom. If it is like that, I believe everything can be accomplished really well.


Since it is so late, lets end off with something interesting.

Ceci: Bikini or full dress swimsuit?
Minhyuk: Full dress swimsuit

Ceci: Flats or heels?
Minhyuk: Flats

Ceci: Ice red bean or ice cream?
Minhyuk: Ice Red Bean

Ceci: Romantic movie or scary movie?
Minhyuk: Romantic movie!

Scan credit: The Blue @blog.daum
Based on Korean – Chinese translation from: Baidu CNBLUE Bar @weibo
Chinese – English translation by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Edited by: Weng @cnbluestorm
Compiled and Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm