[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk spends time with family for his parent’s birthday

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140720 Minhyuk (1)


140720 Minhyuk (2)


@MR_KANGGUN: 어머니생신 아버지 음력생신겸 가족 다 함께 모여 저녁식사했습니다~이모랑 사촌동생들 그리고 애슐리는 함께 못해 아쉽지만 정말 오랜만에 가족만나서 행복한 시간 보냈어요! 모두 주말 잘 마무리하시고 다음주도 화이팅! ”

[TRANS] @MR_KANGGUN: The whole family is gathered for dinner because it’s Mom’s birthday and Father’s birthday~ (by the Lunar Calendar). It’s been a long time since I’ve been with family, it’s a pity that aunt, younger cousins and Ashley can’t join along but we still had a blissful time! Everyone, end the weekend right and fighting for next week”

Translated by asas@cnbluestorm
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