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On 12th July, Korean band CNBLUE’s Cant Stop concert at Guang Zhou has concluded beautifully with another amazing performance. After a month, Sina has another exclusive interview with CNBLUE with regard to their thoughts about China fans, concerts, music and team and their recent individual work plan. While talking about mandarin music, CNBLUE expressed that is their wish to work with Li Yu Chun (won nationwide singing contest Super Girl in 2005) and Mayday (Taiwanese boyband, with the lead singer, Ashin having his own clothes shop “Stay Real” which FTISLAND is currently endorsing as Asian endorser ).

Sina: After June –Shanghai stop, and then soon after 2014 CNBLUE LIVE CANT STOP in Guang Zhou and Bei Jing. This has made China fans feel very happy since CNBLUE has been having many concerts in China. I believe every member can feel the love and passion from fans too, right?

CNBLUE: China is always a very important place for CNBLUE and there will be more plans and more schedules in China in the future and we hope we can keep creating more beautiful memories with the fans here. CNBLUE always feels the love and passion from the fans in China and we are very thankful for their support. China Boice, we love you all!

Sina: Will there be any difference in this year’s “Can’t Stop” and the previous “Blue Moon” concert?

CNBLUE: Last year’s “Blue Moon” concert could be labeled as a happy and playful stage together with the audience. While for this year “Can’t Stop”, the biggest difference lies on the songs.  We hope that the audience can feel CNBLUE’s music by hearing through your ears, viewing with your eyes and touching your hearts.

Sina: CNBLUE has been visiting many cities for concerts, similarly the stage is getting bigger. If possible, where do you wish to have a concert?

CNBLUE: If possible, we would like to have concert at Great Wall of China in Bei Jing, then using special flying equipment to film the concert.

Sina: CNBLUE members schedules can be totally described as “Can’t Stop” wiith regard to this kind of hectic schedules, what support would you like when you feel tired?

CNBLUE YONGHWA: When I feel tired, I will eat vitamin at scheduled time and dose.

CNBLUE JUNGSHIN: Plus all members like to exercise a lot, so when we are tired we will exercise.

CNBLUE YONGHWA: But this will use up sleeping time, hence no chance to sleep some more.  How to reduce tiredness if you do not sleep well? So, we must still sleep more.

CNBLUE JUNGSHIN: Yup, when there is free time or even in between schedules we will try to get more sleep.

CNBLUE YONGHWA: Still, with fans’ love and support, we do not feel tired!

Sina: When we are interviewing other Chinese stars, CNBLUE’s name is often being mentioned. Quite a few Chinese artists are impressed with your music. Do you pay attention to any Chinese song? Would you like to have a collaboration?

CNBLUE: Thank you for Li Yu Chun mentioning us, if possible we would like to work with her. Also, we have been receiving Mayday’s albums and DVD from fans and their music has left a deep impression on us. Many Chinese artists have produced lots of wonderful products and we often use internet and various platforms to enjoy their music too. We are also  grateful that we could see the live performance in the last Music Ceremony previously held in China. CNBLUE has thought about working overseas, and we are working hard to make it happen.

Sina: As a band that has debuted for 5 years, CNBLUE music style can be said as distinct and special.  What is the plan for the next breakthrough with regard to song style or performances?

CNBLUE JONGHYUN: This question is often mentioned, instead of saying breakthrough, why not say CNBLUE always hopes that everyone can enjoy the music we create.  We also believe that the different time and stage of CNBLUE will have a different type of music as well.

Sina: Recently Yonghwa keep mentioning about Minhyuk’s new interest about flower arrangement. Have the other members received Minhyuk’s product before? And, is it possible for fans to see Minhyuk’s product too?

CNBLUE MINHYUK: As for now, the standard is still not up to be seen by fans. But then, I did two sets of flower arrangement after the schedules a few days ago.

CNBLUE YONGHWA: I found him not sleeping that day after schedules, so I guess he was doing it.

CNBLUE MINHYUK: In the end, members didn’t discover the two flower arrangements. Hopefully by next year members’ birthday, I could give them my own flower arrangement.

CNBLUE YONGHWA: Minhyuk’s extreme dream is to have his own botanical garden.

Sina:  Also, Yonghwa mentioned that he has completed more than half of  his solo album with current drama filming, are you still working on the solo album?

CNBLUE YONGHWA: For now, I am working closely on drama filming, so working on the  the solo album will need to stop temporarily. I believe as time goes by, my thoughts and aspect on the album and the style may change, so my plan is to start working on the solo album slowly and carefully after drama filming.

Sina: Jonghyun gives others the impression that he is the fresh-looking and neighbourhood guy, is there any plan to change your style?

CNBLUE JONGHYUN: Ah! I like nature a lot, as compared to neighbourhood guy, I would prefer to be nature guy.

Sina: Jungshin is participating in a drama after such a long time, is there any special preparation?

CNBLUE JUNGSHIN: Indeed it has been a long time since the last drama, but there isn’t any intentional preparation. I will practice more and view more drama to improve my acting skill.  Moreover, this role is a new challenge and I hope fans will support my new drama.

Sina: Two of the members just had their birthdays in June and the sum of CNBLUE 4 members ages are nearly 100 years old, do you think what will happen when the sum of CNBLUE ages are around 200, what will CNBLUE become?

CNBLUE YONGHWA: Yup, probably we are having our own life.

CNBLUE MINHYUK: By then, every member would have their own work and family and living a happy life.

CNBLUE: We hope when our total ages are 200 years old, someone could gather us and let us perform again in a prize ceremony or in a concert, by then CNBLUE will be very handsome.

Sina: CNBLUE is also a senior in the band industry by now, and many juniors that have their dreams as band see you as their idols.  With regard to this, do you have any advice for them?

CNBLUE: First of all, we are not fit to be considered as senior and many of the new bands are very hardworking. I hear they use our songs to practice. We hope we won’t be in junior-senior relationship or even their idols, but colleagues that can learn from each other.

Source: ent.sina.com.cn
Translated by Huangyu@cnbluestorm.com
Edited by  Weng@cnbluestorm.com

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