[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jonghyun says be careful of the cold

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140723 Jonghyun


@cnbluegt: 여러분 감기조심하세요~
한 이틀 고생하다 이제 좀 나아졌네요ㅠ 촬영중이라 고생하고 있을 용화형 정신이도 감기 조심해~ 민혁이도~”

[TRANS] “@cnbluegtEveryone be careful not to catch a cold~ I suffered for a couple of days but now I’m getting better T_T Yonghwa-hyung and Jungshin who is in the middle of working hard filming be careful not to catch a cold too~ Minhyuk too~”

Source: @cnbluegt

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm

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