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CNBLUE Can't Stop in Manila
We are very glad that CNBLUE will be making a stop in the Philippines for CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop in Manila on September 19, 2014 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. However, with the announcement of the concert, a lot of fans are dismayed since it was announced in a short span of time and most of us are financially incapable of going. Most of you must have known that Philippines is a calamity prone country. We have just been hit by the recent typhoons “Rammasun” or “Bagyong Glenda” and “Henry”. Also, Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7,000 islands, thus, for most fans including yours truly, we have to include (air) transportation and accommodation aside from the concert ticket in our budget.

Since most of the staff of CNBLUESTORM are residing in the Philippines, we have projects for the upcoming concert in which we wish you would be able to assist us.

It’s been customary for us fan sites to support events like this with giveaways. Below are the proposed projects we have in mind:

Project 1: Ticket Giveaway Events

We would like to giveaway as many tickets as possible. Many fans have been voicing out already that they can’t afford to attend since the announcement.

Project 2: Ticket Giveaway with Free Accommodation

Aside from providing assistance in accommodations and transportation (within Manila) to those who can afford, we would like to give this event to those who cannot afford. Some of the concert goers do not have a place to stay.  One time, I met a friend at the airport who planned to sleep there after the concert and wait there for her flight home. Luckily, we met, so I let her stay in my hotel room.

Project 3: Giveaways / Tokens 

In appreciation for attending the concert, we will be giving away tokens or gifts as remembrance of the event. The giveaways / tokens we are planning to giveaway is a pouch / eco bag filled with water and Filipino delicacies or candies such as dried mangoes, durian candy, and otap. Every concert goer gets hungry or thirsty in the middle of the concert. There is always the Encore or 2nd part where we can take a little break to drink water or eat. As appreciation to our donors and contributors, on the eco bags, we will be acknowledging all of them.

We need financial assistance the most. As always with our projects, we assure you transparency and credibility of our work. All donations we will get will be used for the projects we have prepared for the concert.

We hope to receive a positive response from you soon. Thank you very much.

Anticipating your support!

How to send via paypal:

  1. Login to your paypal account.
  2. Click on the ‘Send Payment‘ tab, you will see the following image below.
  3. Enter cnbluestorm@yahoo.com on the textbox under To (Email) then the Amount.
  4. Please select I’m making personal payments under What is the purpose of this payment? as shown on the image below.
  5. Click ‘Continue‘ button.

paypalYou may also support us by purchasing products at http://www.cafepress.com/cnbluestorm

Token of Appreciation!

To show our appreciation to those fanbases / fansites / groups who donated more than $50 USD, in our giveaway events, included in the guidelines will be to FOLLOW the fanbase /  fansites / groups twitter account and to LIKE their facebook page. To be included, please submit your donations on or before 

August 11, 2014

Also, below is the design for the pouch bag which will be used for our giveaways during the concert. The size of the logo will depend upon the amount contributed. The larger the amount contributed, the bigger the size of the logo will be.

Thank you very much!

To our fellow Korean fans,

2014년 9월 19일 아라네타 콜로세움에서 씨엔블루 캔스탑 콘서트가 개최됩니다. 그러나 갑작스런 발표와 경제적으로 갈 형편이 안되는 팬들도 있는 점에 힘든부분도 있습니다. 필리핀은 자연재해 빈발 지역이고 특히 최근에는 ‘라마순’, ‘바용 글렌다’ 같은 이나 여러 태풍이 지나 갔으며 또 다른 태풍이 오고 있습니다. 필리핀은 7000여개의 섬으로 이루어진 군도 국가로서 저를 포함한 많은 팬들이 콘서트 표와 함께 비행기 표와 숙박도 예산에 포함시켜야 합니다.

씨엔블루스톰 운영진 대부분이 필리핀에 거주하는바 다음과 같은 프로젝트를 준비하고 있습니다.

프로젝트 1. 티켓 선물 이벤트

저희는 가능한 많은 티켓을 무료로 팬들께 선물하려고 합니다. 특히 경제적으로 티켓을 살 수 없는 많은 팬들이 있습니다.

프로젝트 2. 숙박과 티켓 선물 이벤트

숙박과 마닐라 내 교통편을 도움을 드리는 편의 뿐만 아니라, 숙박 지불 능력이 안되는 팬들에게  숙박도 제공할 수있는 이벤트를 마련하려고 합니다. 지난번 콘서트에서는 공항에서 잘 곳이 없는 팬을 만난 적이 있어 저의 숙소를 제공한 적도 있었습니다.

프로젝트 3. 팬선물

저희에게 기부하신 팬들과 콘서트 참가자들을 위한 선물을  준비합니다. 필리핀 특산물로 채워진 파우치나 에코백을 준비하려고 합니다. 내이쳐 스프링에 문의 하여 저희 이벤트 스폰서를 부탁하려 합니다. 예를 들어 우리가 내이쳐 스프링에서 생수를 사지만 패키지를 다르게 하는 것이지요. 공연 중 쉬는 시간에 마실 수 있게요. 에코백에 기부자들의 이름을 넣을 계획입니다.

저희는 무엇보다 재정적 지원이 필요합니다. 항상 그렇듯 투명하고 신뢰성 있게 재정을 운영하겠습니다.

여러분들의 많은 도움 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.



CNBLUEがフィリピンに立ち寄り、9月19日にCan’t Stopライブをマニラ・スマートアラネタコロシアムで行うことになって、大変喜んでいます。


CNBLUESTORM のスタッフの大半がフィリピンに在住していることから、このライブに向けて、皆さんの協力をお願いするプロジェクトを結成することになりました。


プロジェクト1 ライブチケットプレゼントイベント


プロジェクト2 ライブチケット&宿泊


プロジェクト3 ギフト






To our fellow Chinese boice,
我们很高兴CNBLUE将在2014年9月19日,CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop 菲律宾站之马尼拉将在智能阿拉内塔体育馆开唱。然而,随着演唱会的公告,很多歌迷朋友都感到沮丧。因为这的公告是在短时间内公布,大多数人都因在经济紧迫没有能力去。你们应该也知道,菲律宾是一个灾难频发的国家,我们近期被台风“威马逊”或“格伦达”大受影响,甚至还有另一场风暴即将来临。菲律宾有超过7000多座岛屿,因此,对于大多数歌迷包括我在内,我们的预算中不仅仅是演唱会门票但也包括交通和住宿费用。



我们希望能够馈赠演唱会入门票, 尽可能越多越好。很多歌迷在演唱会公布时已表示他们买不起,无法前去。



为出席演唱会的歌迷朋友们以及我们的捐助者和贡献者,我们将赠送纪念品或礼物作为纪念赞赏。在赠品/令牌上,我们正计划免费赠送装满菲律宾美食和糖果,如芒果干,榴莲糖和OTAP的小袋/环保袋充饥。另外,我们也向自然泉水公司提出请求,希望他们能够资助自然泉水, 像是购买自然泉水的当儿定制包装。演唱会的当儿都会感到饿或渴所以可以在喝采的时候休息一下或是喝水吃东西。在包装和环保袋的设计上,我们会感谢所有捐助者和我们的项目的贡献者。



Prepared and posted by: Lyna@cnbluestorm.com
Translated in Korean by: CebuNuna@cnbluestorm.com
Translated in Japanese by: Chie@cnbluestorm.com
Translated in Chinese by: Huangyu@cnbluestorm.com
Edited by: Weng @cnbluestorm.com

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