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 <Three Musketeers> is a very familiar novel story. There was a TV anime back then. D’Artagnan was a beagle, Athos was a shepherd, Porthos was a bulldog and Aramis was a cocker spaniel.

Yonghwa: Up until now the characters I’d been playing were calm and mature and it is surely different from ‘D’Artagnan’ Park Dalhyang, the maknae who’s simple and clear, full of spirit-kind, Beagle-like character. Doing action, dressing up like someone in historical drama and even riding a horse, seems like it’s going to be interesting in various ways.

Q: Do you find any similarity with you?

Yonghwa: Dal Hyang is someone that came from Goseong, Gangwon Province to Hanyang for military examination. He is someone full of confidence, stubborn and not very mature, very similar to the “me” who just came to Seoul that time. Though he is born in the village, he has very strong pride. He has that motto of “Since I came all the way here, I have nothing to lose”

Q: Seems like it is a role that you are very satisfied with, heard that there are other reasons that made you to choose <Three Musketeers>?

Yonghwa: I received many good scripts while on tour, I like the scripts of < Three Musketeers> very much, probably because I watched the movie when I was young and it left some deep impression.  I feel that it is a very refreshed topic that describes the friendship between males. Moreover, the script itself is very interesting so I started to read through.

Q: When talking about <Three Musketeers>, it will be produced by the same writer and director as for <Nine Time Travels>, is there any improvement as compared to < Three Musketeers>?

Yonghwa: I have not had the time to watch (Nine Time Travels), but I will finish it in 3 days when I have the time. I feel that with Writer Song Jae Jung’s well knit structure and Director Kim Byung Soo’s special way of directing, 3 Musketeers will be even better and enhanced.


Q. Seems like the teamwork on the filming site is already good. It’s just the teamwork among the four actors that has to be good.

Yonghwa: There are solo scenes of Dalhyang and there are also a lot of scenes with Crown Prince So Hyun. I like Hyung (the other actors) in person so there’s no trouble getting close to him. Since I’m the youngest, even if I did nothing the hyungs take care of me very well so it’s good.

Q: Will < Three Musketeers> have a lot of action scenes? The first one would be horse riding?

Jinwook: Since the beginning of June we started practicing horseback riding and fencing. Seems like everyone had fallen off the horse once. Do you know that it’s almost 3m height when you’re sitting on the back of the horse? You could fall off the horse if you loosen up. Safety comes first.

Yonghwa: Me too. That’s why one of my legs is limping right now.

Q: Would action acting be a plus to showcase the role? Let’s say using swordsman act could showcase a speciality in a particular role?

Yonghwa: Dal Hyang learnt swordsman skills on his own at the foot of a mountain in his village. As compared to the correct swordsman skill, he is not that swift but more adapted to the surrounding features. If you used a metaphor of dancing to describe it, it could be likened to random dancing.  Though he didn’t learn the proper way, he is still full of confidence. It is like that kind of random dancing but still shows that he is very good at dancing. However, it is not even possible to act cool or even control one’s expressions during filming if the sword were to fly past. There are a lot of expressions that are not shown on screen before will it be aired this time.  Though I am scared people will use screenshot to capture those expressions,  I would still want to be comfortable and enjoy it.


Q: Who is the best action scene actor?

Yonghwa: I love sport a lot; I have always been the sport representative since school days. I could not be class representative as my studies were not good, but I feel the awesome feeling with the authority being the sport director during physical education lessons. I will do my best whenever I like the thing I do, and the outcome is not bad too. I like singing, dancing and sports that make me move a lot since I am young. I attended all boys’ middle school and I was super tanned during those 3 years.

Q: <Three Musketeers> is a multi-season drama, the first one will be broadcasted until end of October, and then followed by plans of season 2 and 3. What will happen then?

Yonghwa: The writer and producers didn’t tell us how the story will unfold in Season 2 and 3 because it can affect our acting. I want to act according to the scripts as seasons go by. I am looking forward to see the growth of all the roles including Park Dal Hyang.


Q: <Three Musketeers> will continue until next year and in between you would have other schedules, how do you stay focused while filming? I believe this is a very important skill to handle effectively.

Yonghwa: I keep reading and understanding the scripts daily. This allows me to concentrate fully on my role during filming. I changed my normal speaking tone to that of Park Dal Hyang too. Hence to make it easier to switch between roles, I would bring the script as a part of my life. CNBLUE album is supposed to be released this year, but because of <Three Musketeers>  filming, it is postponed to next year. Initially, I have already started preparing the next album but because I have the thought to focus fully on <Three Musketeers>,  in the end members had to wait for me.

Also because of this, I will need to do my best for <Three Musketeers>and  I am very confident too. I maintained my weight around 67-68kg as this weight makes me look the best on screen and since I have been working hard, my weight dropped to 65 kg. I must eat more and be more careful with the action scenes since I am one of the main leads in <Three Musketeers>. I hope everything will be fine and I believe it will leave me with good memories too.

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