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As far as I know, women like Jung Yonghwa. He has a manner and style which adults like, singing ability which could attract women, and even outstanding looks that anyone has to admit.

That’s why we have remained alert whether Jung Yonghwa sings or acts. Especially in front of my girlfriend, I never say a word about him.

Nobody can be Jung Yonghwa.





Reviewing Jung Yonghwa‘s appearance on Radio Star few months ago, it made a huge impact. Jung Yonghwa was there as a leader and all CNBLUE members were appearing, but, in sum, he kept being dissed from the beginning to the end. Jung Yonghwa led CNBLUE to awareness and popularity not long after his debut through the drama, You’re Beautiful. But nowadays, his “contribution” is probably decreased since the rest of the members are not only doing music but also receiving recognition in acting. Even the talk on how the dramas he was in failed and knocked him down even more on the show by continuous attack (of the MCs). Though we don’t know how Jung Yonghwa was feeling inside, his attitude was unexpectedly cool. Upon the morale “it’s good that everyone does well”, he responded in youthful spirit by saying “still, I’m different”.

Jung Yonghwa arrived at the studio slightly injured. He’s recently focusing on filming tvN’s 3-season Sunday drama The Three Musketeers. The Three Musketeers is adapted from the novel of which we’ve heard of at least once, “The Three Musketeers”, written by French author Alexandre Dumas in the 19th century. The story was set during Joseon era taking place in Gangwon-do about the meeting of Park Dalhyang, a warrior who’s from a poor family who came to Hanyang (Seoul) to take military examination, and the three musketeers Crown Prince So Hyun, his guard Heo Seung Po, and Ahn Minseo. They went back and forth between Joseon and China, vastly unfolding the exciting action-romance periodical drama. He’s playing as “Park Dalhyang” who is D’Artagnan in the original novel. In other words, the main character.

“I was slightly bruised while doing horse-riding filming yesterday.”

He walked with a limp. For the sake of playing as Park Dalhyang, he let his hair grow long, got tanned skin, and trimmed his fat away so there’ll be only muscles left. Now he looks manly. It was just the third filming of The Three Musketeers.

“It’s my first periodical drama, it’s interesting. Even among variety shows I like Running Man, somehow there’s body movement and action in it so I think it’s even better. My body doesn’t feel tired. Though I fell off the horse and slightly got injured, I don’t feel bad.”

The Three Musketeers is the drama with mainly male characters that Jung Yonghwa picked after a while. His previous works–Marry Him If You Dare, Heartstrings, etc– were mainly about romance. This drama is in line with variety program Running Man where he got positive responses.

“Recently we filmed the teaser. It was the first time I stand as a group with the three musketeers in front of camera. We took the scene where we came walking. I monitored it and I could sympathize with the role. I made a grimace thinking how later we’ll do well and separate.”

That sounds like Park Dalhyang.

“D’Artagnan’s character in British drama is a little bit scary but in the movie The Three Musketeers, it’s a little bright. But in this drama, the character is like a rock star. He hates things that’s crumpling his pride and he’s also mature. However, there’s also an immature side of him. In the countryside, he’s a kid who is always number 1 that even when coming to Seoul, he’s full of confidence. After meeting the three musketeers, he has upgraded. I’m anticipating how the character will grow.”

Pure courage is an emotion that could be thoroughly appealing even to male viewers. Of course there’s also romance (in the drama) where he had an unrequited love for the girl he admired. In sum, he’s a character that appeals like a set of presents who’s loved by many people.

“Right. Furthermore, since it is per season it feels like an American drama. But now I have thrown away the greed for rating. Honestly, up until now this is the first time I’m pouring this much concern in a drama even before the filming starts. Ever since I was a kid I watched The Three Musketeers and I really liked it. We The Three Musketeers team have a Kakaotalk group, and we pledge not to injure ourselves and move forward together until season 3.”



Lee Jinwook, Yang Donggeun and the rookie Jung Haein are playing the three musketeers. Jung Yonghwa is the youngest one, while in CNBLUE, he carries the role of the leader.

“Now, other members already have their own positions to speak up. Up until now I think I used to carry a lot of weight on my shoulders, but I think it’s easier right now. Instead, I think I should do a lot better than them so I could be the person that the dongsaengs can look up to.

At the age of 26, he must have slowly began to worry about the brand of Jung Yonghwa.

“It looks like I didn’t have that much of complication to become a celebrity. But when I think about the past… Because I have received a lot of love since I debuted, I almost got obsessed with it that I don’t want to lose it until last year. But this year, I let go of some of that urgency and should I say I became more at ease? I started to enjoy things more and become less stressful. Also, it seems like I came out of the idol vibe little by little. Just doing music when I do music, and act when I do acting, just like that.”

Jung Yonghwa who plays D’artagnan has another nickname given by his fans, “Yong Gildong”, it came from the “Hong Gildong”. Just like Hong Gildong, he could appear in the west, then in one moment he appears in the east. He is very busy.

“It’s been about 5 years since I’ve debuted. It seems like I’ve been doing this without a break. One day, when I see that I have accomplished things I need to do, I will feel “Indeed, human limitation is enormously large”. But I also feel it will be awkward once this busyness disappears. I want to try and go traveling next year. Actually I can go and travel before, but strangely the courage won’t come to me.”

Despite being one of the top of Hallyu stars, Jung Yonghwa is still keeping his simplicity until the end.

“For me of course  it feels good to receive the Best New Artist award in China, but I think I feel the happiest is when my mom’s friend’s daughter asks for my autograph. When my friend could proudly say “Jung Yonghwa is my friend”, I think that would be the best for me.”

In the whole interview Jung Yonghwa consistently spoke in Busan accent. And he also said:

“What I want to hear is ‘That was just like Jung Yonghwa’. When people could think ‘he’s indeed a fancy guy. What is it that he doesn’t have?’….. that’s just like Jung Yonghwa…”

Jung Yonghwa‘s growth seems just like a six-pack abs that he has developed.


Scans credit: The Blue@blog.daum.net

Translated by: vebyoktia & asas@cnbluestorm

Edited by miryong@cnbluestorm