[Article] CNBLUE, FT Island and AOA on Weekly Idol 3rd Anniversary

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On MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol 3rd Anniversary Special: 100 Idols who shine Weekly Idol” part 2 aired on July 30th, singers from FNC Entertainment such as FT Island, CNBLUE and AOA attended the show.

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FNC Entertainment‘s visit to variety show is quite an outstanding occasion for FNC itself.

Especially, FNC’s representative handsome bands FT Island and CNBLUE showed their dancing skills that could not be easily shown on other shows, creating laughter on set. To the shy CNBLUE members, unlike the members of FT Island danced a congratulatory dance as soon as the music started, MC Jung Hyungdon straightforwardly said, “what are you doing there like a manager?”. FT Island members, who usually get along like friends, joined in saying “we even danced so why is a junior not (dancing)?”.

[T/N: Jonghyun and Minhyuk were not dancing but just standing and clapping hand]

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Meanwhile MC Jung Hyungdon, upon seeing Lee Jonghyun‘s hairstyle, commented that “your hair was overly flipped. You look like Keanu Reeves,” causing him to burst in laughter. Upon the comment, Jonghyun played innocent stroking his hair.


At the end of the recording Lee Jonghyun said “actually I got an implant yesterday. But today we’re going to the recording together with FNC family that’s why I came,” showing his fondness for the show.

He kindly expressed his opinion about the filming, saying “I’m having such a good time because we’re coming together.”

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Source: Daum.net

Photo Credits: topstarnews.net, @FNC_ENT and @bestIdolone on Twitter 

Translated by: vebyoktia@cnbluestorm.com