[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa & Jungshin’s photo competition on Twitter

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Yonghwa and Jungshin had a ‘photo competition’ on Twitter, Yonghwa started it when he tweeted this:

140804 JYHeffect

@JYHeffect: 제가 찍은 멋진사진!!! 이정신 보고있나?”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffectCool photo that I took!!! Can you see this, Lee Jung Shin?

Jungshin tweeted the same photo Yonghwa uploaded and said:

@MentalShin: 도발하시는거…? 근데 멋있다 나도 곧 올리지…”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinAre you provoking me…? But it’s cool~ soon I’ll upload one too”

Soon after, Jungshin shared the photo he took.

140804 MentalShin

@MentalShin: 용화형은 보시오. 그저 온몸을 자동차라는 탈것에 맡긴채 누운상태로 발을 창문으로 뻗어 발가락으로 찍긴 하였소만..”

[TRANS] @MentalShinTake a look, Yonghwa-hyung. I took this photo while lying down in the car.. I just stretched my foot through the windows and captured it using my toes..”

Yonghwa replied to him:

@JYHeffect: @MentalShin 어디서 저장했냐?”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffect: @MentalShin Where did you get this?”

[T/N: Basically Yonghwa is teasing Jungshin that he just downloaded the photo kk]

Jungshin replied:

@MentalShin: @JYHeffect 에이 무슨소리야 내가찍었지 그만큼 멋진가봐? 허허”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinEy~ what are you talking about? I’m the one who took this picture.. it must be that great? Hoho”

And so, the battle continues, Yonghwa shared another photo.

140804 JYHeffect2

@JYHeffect: 이정신 보고있나?”

@JYHeffect: 브라질에서 찍은 사진~~”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffectCan you see this, Lee Jung Shin?”

@JYHeffect: It’s a photo I took in Brazil~~”

Jungshin then finally used Yonghwa as the model of the photo he shared:

140804 MentalShin2

@MentalShin: 정용화 보고있나. ”

[TRANS] “@MentalShin: Can you see this, Jung Yonghwa?”

And their conversation in this photo continues:


[TRANS] “@JYHeffect: Informal?”

[T/N: Yonghwa teases Jungshin by questioning the way Jungshin talked to him informally]

@MentalShin: @JYHeffect 어머 형님이 빠졌네 데헷 사진은 마음에 드셨는지요 형님”

[TRANS] “@MentalShin: Omo I forgot the “hyung-nim”. Dehet. I hope you like the photo, hyung-nim”

[T/N: Hyung-nim is a much more polite way to call your hyung or your older brother]

140804 MentalShin3

@MentalShin: @JYHeffect 저는 그저 이런 피사체를 담게 해주신 용화형의 컨펌에 감사를 드릴뿐”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinI just want to say thank you to you Yonghwa hyung, for the permission to be the subject of the photo

Source: @JYHeffect, @MentalShin

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm