[Info|News] CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun to collaborate with Melody Day

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CNBLUE’s guitarist, Lee Jonghyun, is reported to have a special collaboration project with vocal group Melody Day.

A staff from the entertainment industry revealed on Aug. 08 that the duet collaboration song will be ready on online sites on August 14.

Jonghyun was picked to fill the male-part in the song thanks to his sweet and gentle voice tone. His voice will bring a great harmony with the vocal group’s excellent singing that match well with this sweet song.


This is not the first time for Jonghyun to have a collaboration outside his group, CNBLUE. On the end of last year, Jonghyun formed a duo project called “Romantic J” with label-mate, soloist Juniel for a song called “Love Falls” that matched well with the winter season.

Raise your hand with me if you curious about what kind of harmony Jonghyun brings with Melody Day!

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