[Twitter|Line|Photo] Jungshin updates from Malaysia (08.08.2014)

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On August 8, 2014, Jungshin updated CNBLUE’s Line and his personal Twitter upon arriving in Malaysia for their Cant Stop concert there this weekend.

LINE update:

140808 LINE

CNBLUE (EN) LINE: Jung shin’s photo from Malaysia! Dear Malaysia fans, see you tomorrow at the concert!

[T/N: This update is from yesterday, CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop in Malaysia is today – Aug. 9, 2014]

Jungshin’s tweet:

140808 MentalShin

@MentalShin: 내몸무게 75 키로 그뤰 uh 역대최고 치시고 uh 쿠알라,룸 푸르 에 찍 으시고 uh 그만갈께 내 짹짹이 에 사진던지고”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinMy body weight is 75 kg uh it’s the highest so far uh Photo taken in Kuala Lumpur uh should I stop? (rapping) Uploading the photo in Twitter”

[T/N: I think Jungshin is rapping in his tweet because of the rhyme on the original tweet and the “uh” at the end] 

Source: CNBLUE Line, @MentalShin

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm