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Morning of August 12, 2014 upon arriving from LA for KCON 2014, Yonghwa immediately updated fans, first he greeted their manager a happy birthday!

140812 JYHeffect1


@JYHeffect: 생일 축하 브루스~”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffectHappy Birthday, Bruce~”

[T/N: He’s manager Yoon, maybe Bruce is his nickname]

Next was a backstage photo before KCON with friends Yonghwa met during his last visits in LA.

140812 JYHeffect


@JYHeffect: 짧지만 즐거운 시간 in LA!!!”

[TRANS]@JYHeffect: It was short, but I had a great time in LA!!!”

[T/N: Yonghwa is with Danny (right) a host of Mnet America show and Manny Kim(left), Athlete Ryu Hyunjin’s translator]

Source: @JYHeffect

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm

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