[Scans|Trans] CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun for Ceci Korea September 2014 Issue

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True Romance

The look of love is various. The longing for each other that teeters on the brink of death like musician Sid and Nancy. CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun and Melody Day’s Cha Hee sang a love song together. Presenting you, “Young Love”.

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That man, Lee Jonghyun

I am Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE. I feel the happiest when being called that way. For several months, every Thursday to Saturday we’ve been going back and forth for the “2014 CNBLUE Live Tour: Can’t Stop” held in Seoul, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Daegu, Shanghai, Busan, Guangzhou, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Five years has passed living that way. In my leisure time I do my personal activity and get some rest.

I’m glad that we’re loved as CNBLUE. Living as CNBLUE, I don’t feel any anxiousness nor sense of crisis. Our teamwork is really good. We are respectful and are considerate with each other. Everyone’s character is gentle and kind. We don’t compete among ourselves. Overall, Leader Yonghwa-hyung is doing really well (as a leader). He leads us by being a good role model. Though I’m the kind of person who can single-mindlessly fall into music at anytime, I think I become balance when doing (music) together with the members.

This recent impressive project is a couple song. The song’s called “Young Love” released on August 14, 2014. It’s a song that’s as sweet as first love. Because of the lively excitement I even remember the feeling of that when I was younger.

Now that you’re not playing instrument it seriously feels awkward. Right. I couldn’t really bear my hands and feet that feel like shriveling.

Will a duet song between man and woman be romantic? Whenever and to whomever it is, it’ll surely be that way.

The composition of a man who does music and a girl who sings, won’t it inspire each other? In terms of dealing with the emotion, it’s similar to the preference of creative people. It has the characteristic of people who does art, which is a deep sense of emotion. Now that I think about it, although we both became tired doing the collaboration, when I tried to dig into my work there was actually limited progress. I felt like it need to be made up. I liked that I got to learn from that.

However, I don’t want to make music as a job. I want to enjoy music. If I think of it as a job, it would have no meaning and cause stress. I don’t want to detach myself from music. The group also agreed on this. Especially when I’m the kind of person who won’t do something that’s no fun.

At the present we’re busy. Me and Minhyuk are looking at drama scenarios, Yonghwa hyung is spurring his solo album preparation to be released on the second half of the year, and Jungshin is filming drama “Temptation”. I hope you’re not worried, because we never forget to work on our songs everyday. Because it’s not the time for me to think deeply, I’ll improvise everytime I find works that look fun.


Scans Credit: HeavenBestowJH

Translated by: vebyoktia@cnbluestorm.com