[Tweet|Trans] Jonghyun’s Ice Bucket Challenge with SHINee Jonghyun

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Jonghyun did the Ice Bucket Challenge (watch it here) with SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun. After the video was uploaded, here’s their Twitter conversation with translations:

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[TRANS] “@cnbluegt:  I wish it could help a lot of people.”

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KJH: Honestly I wanted to challenge CEO Lee Soo Man, Senior Park Jinyoung and Senior Yang Hyuksun… but I also want all Jonghyuns in this world to do this together. Therefore I nominated model Hong Jonghyun, Teentop’s Jonghyun and  Nuest’s Jonghyun. I think all Jonghyuns are kind and handsome.

LJH: Let’s do it all together next time.

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KJH:  I’m really grateful to have a friend like you, Lee Jonghyun

LJH: I slept early yesterday… you upload it when I was asleep. I’m also happy because I can do it together with you. Let’s do other good things together with all Jonghyuns next time. I love you ♥

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[TRANS] @cnbluegt: Ah and also, I didn’t challenge them yesterday because I thought they would be busy, the two hyungs that I like the most said they will also do the challenge today^^ Donggun hyungnim and Woobin hyungnim fighting^^ This is really a happy day because its seems that our hearts become one (for a good cause). This is really a warm world ^^”

[T/N: Jonghyun acted alongside Jang Donggun and Woobin in A Gentleman’s Dignity]

Source: @cnbluegt, Kim Jonghyun’s Twitter

Translated by asas@cnbluestorm

Edited and Compiled by miryong@cnbluestorm