[STARCAST] CNBLUE, SUMMER Rock Festival 2014 – A-Nation, Summer Sonic Close up Report

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Readers~ when you think of ‘CNBLUE’, what comes into your mind first? Handsome face? Good manners? Solid teamwork? Yes that’s all correct… and all good.


However, there are moments that those sweet guys (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kamg Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin) changed into ‘Real Man’~



Under the scorching sunlight, 2014 Rock Festival that makes CNBLUE as it is!!!

Close up Report of CNBLUE in Rock Festival performing in ‘A-Nation 2014’ and ‘Summer Sonic 2014’ this summer in Japan starts now!


First of all, let’s check their stage set list.

The list starts with the theme song of baseball player Hyunjin Ryu ‘Ryu can do it’ composed and written by Jung Yonghwa, followed by In My Head, Wake Up, Coffee Shop, I’m Sorry, Lady and Can’t Stop. Ready to go!

#1 CNBLUE’s attitude performing in the Rock Festival

We are ready to “fight against summer heat and be bathed in sweat!”~

“Give yourself to music and enjoy youth”


Irresistible attractiveness of Rock Festival that makes Jung Yonghwa smile even he is dripping with sweat.


Two guitarists Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun who are at the top of the gauge, thanks to the audience’s intensive reaction.


Summer Sonic‘s best couple, Lee Jungshin and Jung Yonghwa. The point is Lee Jungshin‘s special cuteness.


We can tell what we’re thinking just by looking at each other’s eyes: Lee Jungshin and Jung Yonghwa


Even if I’m at back, my heart stays with you!!! Falling into the rhythm.

#2 The meaning of ‘being young now!’ is

“The fact that we can sing in front of tens and thousands of audience, and enjoying singing together makes us alive!”


Lee Jungshin on the left and Jung Yonghwa on the right.

Jung Yonghwa on rock festival stage who makes Lee Jungshin dance.




Taking a bath in sweat: cooling down their body with water backstage.


The addictive-ness of Summer Rock Festival.

#3 ‘Rock Spirit’ of CNBLUE making the festival hot

CNBLUE accomplished ‘The first Korean rock band world tour’.

They made 14 countries including Asia, South America and North America and 18 cities go wild with the ‘2013 World Tour Bluemoon’. They have conducted Asia Tour, Arena Tour, Zepp Tour and so on in every year, but the ‘rock festival’ has a different meaning to them.

‘Rock Spirit‘ gauge reaching at the top~ CNBLUE‘s dark sexy silhouette parade.


This is the original ‘Dark Sexy Metal’ performed by leader Jung Yonghwa



Completely absorbed in guitar playing… Lee Jonghyun. His long hair waiving in the wind~


Absorbed with music and in youth~


Under the hot sunlight, bassist Lee Jungshin taking a shower with sweat played hard..


The festival made drummer Minhyuk shout!!


After the performance, their photo of celebration in the waiting room!! The happiness after the concert, even if their shirts were bathed in sweat.

Their love of music: can you feel their attractiveness?

Do you wonder what happened in the waiting room of CNBLUE who has completed performing on stage? So we prepared this!!

#4 In the waiting room of CNBLUE ‘What’s  happening here?’

Starting from Push Up relay from Jung Yonghwa and talks over to Lee Jonghyun’s tattoo attachment: Especially you can see moving images of Jung Yonghwa‘s push up.

Also, a rookie artist who dreamed of becoming a musician listening to CNBLUE‘s music visited CNBLUE’s Summer Sonic waiting room. A footage of a member of rookie band, EDGE of LIFE, playing guitar with Lee Jonghyun in the waiting room will also be released.


Are you curious of my secret not to be knocked down on stage?


The secret of ‘Energized Jung Yonghwa’ is to do push up in every break time.


What is this mark on his arm? CNBLUE tattoo.

Specially prepared~ video of Jung Yonghwa‘s push up (watch it here). Live broadcast of the festival (Back in the waiting room)


On the corner of the waiting room…… someone is attaching the tattoo!

After the attachment, Lee Jonghyun played code with a member of EDGE of LIFE~ (watch it here)



Drummer Kang Minhyuk and bassist Lee Jungshin worked hard preparing for the performance.

They were working….but~



Did you find something~? They started talking over the wall~ (FTISLAND was right next to them!)


FTISLAND bassist Lee Jaejin came to see CNBLUE members. They were so pleased to meet each other in this world-renowed rock festival.

They received compliment not only from the audience but also from colleagues and media in Japan.


(Photo from Mitsuru Matsuoka Twitter)

A famous band in Japan, SOPHIA’s vocal Mitsuru Matsuoka said to CNBLUE, “Today performers were very unique and good, among them CNBLUE was really a fantastic band. Their technique and music ability… and what they said ‘We love band so much’ was really impressive! We got closer back stage.” The vocal continued to say that he saw the whole live performance of FTISLAND and felt their performance looked like that of SOPHIA in the beginning.


Among the themes that participated in the Summer Sonic, CNBLUE and FTISLAND ranked no. 1 and 2 in real time hot keyword, and Japanese major internet portal sites posted their review articles on the main page.

The Summer Rock Festival!! Please look forward to their next movement and music and give them more affection!!

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