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After having a concert in Guangzhou, Korea rock band CNBLUE had a concert at Beijing’s National Stadium. Rhythm and lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa, lead guitarist Lee jong Hyun, drummer Kang Min Hyuk and bassist Lee Jung Shin came prepared with a new self-composed album. They used their new hot track “Can’t Stop” as the theme of this time’s tour and the concert showed CNBLUE’s attitude towards music.

Appearing in Korean dramas, participating in variety shows, creating new songs non-stop, the four 20 odd years old boys of CNBLUE truly defines what an all-rounded idol is. The second day after entering Beijing, CNBLUE withstood the hot weather and stood at the National Stadium to sing to the fans 20 over songs from their debut days in 2010 till now. Some of the song include “Can’t Stop”. “Diamond Girl”, “Cold Love”, “Like A Child”, “Sleepless Nights”, “I’m sorry” and more.

Ever since official sites confirmed the Beijing stops date and opened ticket sales, CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop concert tickets were quickly sold out. This shows CNBLUE’s success in holding a concert in China last year with an increased entourage of fans. Two hours before the concert started, many people were already at the venue and fans bore the heat and waited patiently to enter the stadium.

The stage for this tour is specially designed for CNBLUE. In order to thank their fans for their support with ticket sales. The members put in their best effort on stage and finished theconcerts that took days to practice.

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