[Article|Review] CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop in Taiwan

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Korea’s fashionable and good-looking boy band CNBLUE’s charm in Taiwan was overwhelming. Their stop in Taipei which lasted consecutively over two days attracted twenty thousand fans. Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall was almost full and the event was spectacular. Sunday was the last day of the concert and Golden Melody Awards King, JJ Lin, also went to support. His appearance caused a commotion and he cordially waved to everyone. During the concert, CNBLUE interacted with the audience in both English and Chinese. Lead singer Yonghwa had also become darker and skinny due to his packed schedule. While standing on stage, he played the “Come Come” game with the audience. When he sang till a climax, he shouted to the audience “Come Come Come you come” which resulted in the audience bursting out in laughter.

When the concert began, lead singer Yonghwa held the microphone and instantly, pulled up his sleeves, exposing his strong arm muscles. During the third song “Intuition”, CNBLUE and the audience became one as both the audience and CNBLUE sang the lyrics “Because I love you”. Taiwan BOICE and CNBLUE had great rapport and the floor kept shaking violently due to the audience being so passionate.

CNBLUE continuously sang 23 songs and lead singer Yonghwa showcased his skills of playing the piano with his eyes closed and beatboxing for 1 minute which garnered praises. His vocals were even better and he continuously screamed “I love all of you” to express his gratitude towards the Taiwan fans. At the end, he was so high that he sweating profusely till you can see the outline of his upper body his through his top. He also raised both of his hands high to show off his arm muscles. He even grabbed crew members onto the stage, shouted CNBLUE’s name which caused his members to laugh. CNBLUE’s songs are filled with much variety and this “Can’t Stop” concert had a combination of rock, emotional and famous songs which brought pleasure to the ears.

Source: n.yam.com
Translated by: micablue@cnbluestorm.com
Edited By: weng@cnbluestorm.com

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