[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jungshin thanks fans for the Honggyu coffee and shares another photo of Simba (08.31.2014)

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140831 @MentalShin

@MentalShin: 여러분 감사합니다~ 유혹아닌 홍규커피~이제 유혹도 얼마안남았네요 유종의미를 거둘수있었으면 좋겠어요 마지막까지 많이 사랑해주세요!”

@MentalShinThank you everyone~ It’s Honggyu coffee instead of Temptation coffee. Temptation will end soon. I wish it will end successfully, please give lots of love until the end!”

[T/N: Coffee and snacks were from Jungshin’s fans for Temptation actors and staffs, most especially for Jungshin]

The next day Jungshin tweeted another photo of his new dog Simba, without any caption, just Simba 🙂

140901 MentalShin

Source: @MentalShin

Translated and Posted by miryong@cnbluestorm