[FB|Twitter|Photos] Chuseok greetings from CNBLUE

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It’s Chuseok  or Korean Thanksgiving Day!

Jonghyun tweeted his greetings yesterday (Sept. 6, 2014)

@cnbluegt: 추석에 좋은 추억 만드시구요^^
귀성길 안전운전하시고,
아직 못 내려가신 분들도 조심히 내려 가셔서 가족과 함께 건강한 추석 보내세요^^”

[TRANS] “@cnbluegtEveryone, create good memories this chuseok^^To those who went home for the holiday, drive safely. And to those who hasn’t come down to meet their families yet, be careful on your way and have a healthy chuseok with your family^^”

After Jonghyun, Yonghwa also tweeted his greetings the same day

140906 JYHeffect

@JYHeffect: 풍요로운 한가위 보내세요~~^^”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffectHave an abundant Thanksgiving Day everyone~~ ^^”

[T/N: YH tweeted in formal speech]

Earlier today, CNBLUE‘s greetings through photos was shared thru CNBLUE‘s Official Facebook

140907 FB YH

Yonghwa: Have a fun Thanksgiving Day~!! OH YEAH!

140907 FB JH

Jonghyun: Have a nice Thanksgiving Day~ ❤

140907 FB MH

Minhyuk: Have a nice Thanksgiving Day with your family!!

140907 FB JS

Jungshin: Have a nice Thanksgiving Day~^^ Thank you!!!

Have a nice Chuseok from CNBLUE!

Source: @cnbluegt, @JYHeffect, CNBLUE Official Facebook

Translated and Posted by miryong@cnbluestorm