[Tweet|Photos|Trans] Minhyuk shares photos of food he cooked (09.12.2014)

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140912 @MR_KANGGUN

@MR_KANGGUN: 내가 만들었다면 믿으려나? 내가 해놓고도 믿기 어려운 맛. 정말 이런 재주가 있을 줄이야.. 나보고 결혼해도 될 것 같다던데 그건 우리 보이스를 위해 늦게..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] “@MR_KANGGUNWould you believe me if I say that I made this? It tastes good that makes it difficult to believe that I’m the one who made this. Please know that I have this kind of skill.. I think I’m ready to get married, but will get married late for boice..? kkkkkkkkkk”

140912 @MR_KANGGUN_2

@MR_KANGGUN: 김치찌개도 한다. 고기를 10분간 재고 김치와 볶는다. 멸치다시마 육수에 양파를 넣고 끓인 후 약간의 고춧가루등등 넣고 마지막에 두부와 대파를 넣고 끓이면 완성. 100%내가 끓인 김치찌개 심지어 맛도 완벽해.”

[TRANS] “@MR_KANGGUNI even made kimchi stew. I stir fried the meat and kimchi for 10 minutes. After you made an anchovy broth, put the onion and let it boil for awhile. Then put pepper into it, then at last put the tofu and the scallion. The taste of kimchi stew that I cooked is 100% perfect.”

140912 @MR_KANGGUN_3

 “@MR_KANGGUN: 사과 아닙니다. 복숭아 입니다. 정신아 이런게 라임이라는 거야. 역시 음식을 먹고 후식은 과일이지. 모두 못 믿겠지만 100% 순수 내가 해서 내가 혼자 먹었어요… “

[TRANS] “@MR_KANGGUNThis is not an apple. This is a peach. This is how rhyming is done. Of course after eating, we should eat fruit as the dessert. It’s 100% I made and ate this all on my own, believe it or not…”

Jungshin replied to this tweet and they had a conversation:

140912 JS to MH-vert


JS: Excuse me, Mr. Kang. I totally don’t understand why you think that people won’t believe you… is it time for you to drink your medicine? Dehet

MH: You are spamming while you are working.. that’s no no. Go to sleep while you go to home after your filming, and don’t forget to eat breakfast when you got back.

140912 @MentalShin

@MentalShin: @MR_KANGGUN 니가 날 이렇게 꽉잡고있다니 아침에 만나…개굴개굴”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinMR_KANGGUN you hold me so tight like this.. let’s meet in the morning… gaegul-gaegul”

[T/N: Gaegul-gaegul – pun on ogeul ogeul which means getting goosebumps because of awkwardness]

140912 MH to JS_2

[TRANS] So cute! Are you going to give it to me? And also, I have no one else except you… ogeul, ogeul

[T/N: ogeul ogeul which means getting goosebumps because of awkwardness]

Source: @MR_KANGGUN, @MentalShin

Translated by asas@cnbluestorm

Edited and Compiled by miryong@cnbluestorm