[Article|Tweet|Photos] CNBLUE Lee Jungshin celebrates birthday with family and Simba (09.15.2014)

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CNBLUE’s maknae Lee Jungshin celebrates his 23rd birthday today (09.15.2014)!

[T/N: 24 in Korean age]

To celebrate it, CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa was picked to send a congratulatory message through a video.

In the video that was shared on FNC Entertainment’s official YouTube account, Yonghwa is seen on his Joseon warrior’s outfit, sending his warm birthday message to the younger brother.

“Happy birthday to Jungshin. I wish you to spend a great day. You must be busy filming ‘Temptation’, and in the future you will be even busier. Let’s stay strong together and do our best!” Yonghwa said.

Yonghwa, who is currently filming for colossal drama “Three Musketeers”, ended his message cutely with “Happy birthday” using the old Korean language.

Jungshin also expressed his gratitude and posted some pictures of him and Simba on twitter:



“@MentalShin: 생일!! 축하해주신 모두 너무 감사드립니다 심바랑 같이 인사드려요~ 부모님이랑 점심도 먹고~~^^ 호호호 좋네요 좋은하루되세요!!

[TRANS] @MentalShin: Birthday!! Thanks to everyone for the greetings! Sending out my greetings with Simba~ I also had lunch with my parents~~ ^^ hohoho it feels good. Have a nice day!!”

Article Source: ttwigo.com

Tweet and Photo Source: @MentalShin

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