[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Can’t Stop in Manila ended successfully (09.19.2014)

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On September 19 after CSPH, Minhyuk tweeted:


“@MR_KANGGUN: 캔트스탑투어 인 마닐라 성황리에 잘 마쳤습니다. 필리핀에 많은 비가내렸지만 뜨거운응원과 환호로 보답해주셔서 너무감사합니다! 그리고 비로인해 오지못한 분들께 꼭 빠른 시일내에 꼭!다시오기를 약속드릴께요 고마워요!”

[TRANS] @MR_KANGGUN: Can’t Stop Tour in Manila has successfully ended. Thank you for the great cheer even though it rained hard in the Philippines! And also, to the Boices who can’t come because of the rain we will surely come back soon! We promise that we will comeback, thank you!”


Translated by: miryong@cnbluestorm.com